324 Where Did the Idiot Go?

    "He doesn't even have a kid. How would he know if it is going to be a boy or a girl?" Li Nanmu chuckled.

    As usual, Gu Nianshen ignored Li Nanmu. "A girl." He replied Qin Feng without hesitation.

    "What if it were a boy?" Qi Wuyue asked.

    "It can only be a girl." Gu Nianshen answered.

    That was because Lin Yiqian would like to have a daughter.

    "Hehe. It's not like you can shove the baby back into the stomach if he were a boy." Qi Wuyue said jokingly.

    "It's alright. If Gu Nianshen doesn't want the boy when he's born, he can give him to me. The kid will call me 'Daddy' instead."

    Everyone in the group could feel a chill down their spines almost immediately.


    As soon as the car stopped, Gu Nianshen unbuckled his seatbelt and hurriedly got out of the car.

    Gu Nianshen rarely got off work this early. When Aunt Zhou saw that he had returned home, she looked surprised. "Nianshen, you're home early today."

    "Has Ni Dong been here?" Gu Nianshen asked as he stopped walking.

    "Yes, he has. He came to deliver something. It's in the drawer in your study. I've locked the study for you." Aunt Zhou nodded.

    "Alright," Gu Nianshen replied before turning to walk away.

    As if suddenly recalling something, he turned around to look at Aunt Zhou.

    Although he had opened his mouth, not a single word came out.

    Aunt Zhou sensed that Gu Nianshen was hesitant about something. "Nianshen, is there something else?" She blinked confusedly.

    "What has Lin Yiqian been doing all day?" He asked softly after glancing up the stairs.

    "I was just about to ask you. Little Yi has gone out not long after returning from the hospital. She hasn't returned yet. Do you know where she has gone?" Aunt Zhou asked.

    This idiot!

    Gu Nianshen regretted letting Lin Yiqian out of the hospital. She had no sense of responsibility.

    "I understand," Gu Nianshen said through gritted teeth as he nodded at Aunt Zhou before turning around and storming upstairs.

    After getting to the second floor, he took his phone out to give Manager Ma a call on the phone. "Was Chief Lin in the office this afternoon?" He asked as soon as the call was picked up.

    "Chief Lin hasn't been to the office today. Isn't she sick?" Manager Ma asked with a confused tone.

    She was not at the office either...

    After frowning for a moment, Gu Nianshen finally spoke. "Take care of everything in the company. Don't call her no matter what."


    After hanging up, Gu Nianshen stared at his phone for some time. Lin Yiqian was neither at home nor at the office. Where had the idiot gone?

    The first room on the right on the second floor was Gu Nianshen's study. As the study required a password to enter, he put his phone away momentarily to enter the password. Then, he pushed the door wide open before entering.

    Heading straight for the desk, he opened the third drawer from the top. A pink box came into sight.

    With a smile on his face, he picked up the box and opened it.

    There was a teardrop-shaped pink diamond on top of a piece of black flannel clothing. The golden chain attached to it was barely thicker than a strand of hair.

    Gently, he picked the necklace up with his long fingers. As the necklace was lifted out of the box, the pink diamond dangled in the air as it shone brightly before him.

    An image of Lin Yiqian wearing the necklace immediately appeared in Gu Nianshen's mind. In the image, Lin Yiqian's fair skin and sexy collar bones were very apparent.

    As she stood beneath the light and was smiling ever so slightly, her eyes glowed like a star in the night sky. They seemed brighter than the diamond in his hands.

    Gu Nianshen could not help smile a little as he put the box down with his other hand. With his free hand, he held the diamond up with his index finger.

    "Isn't this the diamond you bought during an auction on Galaxy's Charity Night last year?" Song Changwen's voice could be heard by the door.

    Right then, Gu Nianshen was still staring at the diamond necklace in his hands and had not noticed her presence.
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