325 A Gift For My Wife

    At first, Gu Nianshen seemed slightly surprised. However, his gaze softened as he looked in the direction of the door and found Song Changwen standing there in a white top, loose-fitting black pants, and high heels. Clearly, she had just come from work.

    As the make-up on her face had faded, she looked somewhat exhausted.

    "A rare guest. Is The Cullinan closing down?" Gu Nianshen asked coolly as his gaze swept past Song Changwen.

    Carefully, Gu Nianshen placed the necklace into the box and closed it before placing the box on the table.

    "Must you speak to your mother this way?" Song Changwen asked with a frown.

    Although she spoke in a reprimanding tone, there was a hint of adoration in her voice.

    "Why else would you have time to come here?" Gu Nianshen asked sarcastically before sitting down on a chair.

    He then took his phone out to check on Lin Yiqian's Wechat status.

    As Song Changwen walked closer to Gu Nianshen, she continued to reprimand him. "I'm here because I miss you. Unlike you, you heartless person. You didn't even ask if I have gotten better."

    "Xi Xia already called and told me that you have recovered," Gu Nianshen replied without lifting his head up.

    He was thinking about how to text Lin Yiqian to ask her where she was.

    When Xi Xia's name was mentioned, Song Changwen immediately appeared sad. "Ahh. Xiaxia hasn't been very well for the past few days since she's returned. She finally seemed better today and was even able to take a short walk."

    Gu Nianshen was completely engrossed in thinking about how to text Lin Yiqian and had not heard a single thing that Song Changwen had said.

    Now that he and Lin Yiqian had gotten married, Song Changwen truly hoped that they could stay together for the rest of their lives.

    As far as she was concerned, she could only hope that they would stop creating any problems.

    Therefore, she did not mind that Gu Nianshen ignored her as she did not want to continue talking about Xi Xia. Her gaze landed upon the box that contained the pink diamond. "Why did you take this out?" She asked curiously.

    As she asked the question, she picked the box up and was about to open it.

    Gu Nianshen swiftly stood up and snatched the box out of Song Changwen's hand when he saw what she was doing.

    "It's a gift for my wife," he replied before carrying the box over to the bookshelf.

    "Are you giving this pink diamond to Lin Yiqian?" Song Changwen sounded surprised.

    "Who else would I give it to? You?" Gu Nianshen glanced at Song Changwen before he continued to walk to the bookshelf and opened one of the drawers beneath it.

    A safe appeared. He was about to enter the password when he recalled that Song Changwen was in the room. Therefore, he turned his head around to frown at Song Changwen.

    It was clear from his facial expression that he wanted Song Changwen to look away as he entered the password.

    However, Song Changwen was still annoyed that Gu Nianshen wanted to give the pink diamond to Lin Yiqian. "You are actually giving this two 200 million dollar diamond to Lin Yiqian. Have you gone crazy over Lin Yiqian?"

    Her gaze returned to the box in Gu Nianshen's hands.

    "You've taught me since I was a child that I should pamper my wife once I've grown up," Gu Nianshen replied calmly.

    Song Changwen remained silent as she could not find words to express herself.

    Ignoring her, Gu Nianshen turned around and continued to enter the password by blocking the view with his legs.

    As soon as the safe was opened, a light lit up from within. Stacks of photos, pens that have run out of ink, drawings of cartoon figures, a beautifully wrapped gift box, and stacks of letters came into sight.

    A helpless facial expression appeared on Gu Nianshen's face. Without touching anything else in the safe, Gu Nianshen placed the pink box within the safe and immediately closed the door.

    He then stood up straight and noticed that Song Changwen was skeptically looking at him.
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