333 Sun

    As Fang Heyang spoke, he picked up a random document before flipping through it. "What the heck is this? Why would they send you a cooperation plan in English?"

    Lin Yiqian took a glance at it. It was a cooperation plan from an overseas joint venture shopping mall. In other words, it was a contract with fixed terms.

    The owner and the upper management of the joint venture were all foreigners. Although they understood Chinese, they had chosen to send them the contract in English.

    Lin Yiqian shrugged. "They want to test the level of English of our employees. What can I do?"

    Fang Heyang chuckled without saying anything as he put the document back into place.

    Then, he shifted his gaze to the food on Lin Yiqian's desk that she had not even touched. He could tell immediately that it had been there since this afternoon.

    "Are you trying to be a fairy? It's already seven o'clock. Why haven't you eaten?" He asked with a frown.

    "I'm trying to lose weight. If you don't have anything important to do here, please go home and stop interfering with my work," Lin Yiqian replied as she continued to read through a document.

    Just as she finished speaking, she flipped to the next page of the document.

    "Stop working. I'll bring you somewhere for good food." Fang Heyang suddenly snatched the document out of her hand.

    Fang Heyang then sealed the folder before tossing it aside. For fear that Lin Yiqian might pick it up again and continue reading it, he pressed down on it with his hand.

    With his body leaning forward slightly, the distance between him and Lin Yiqian narrowed.

    Feeling somewhat surprised, Lin Yiqian frowned as she looked up at Fang Heyang.

    As she did not like interacting with others, most people would think of her as being arrogant. Therefore, they usually believed that she was difficult to deal with and chose to stay away from her.

    Even now, Bai Se still did not dare to mess with her. Whatever she disliked, he would not force her to do it.

    Apart from Gu Nianshen, Fang Heyang was the only person who dared to challenge her limits.

    In spite of that, she did not feel angry at all. Instead, it felt as if a new door had been opened to her. It felt refreshing.

    Although she was unsure of whether the explanation was fitting, it was the only way she could describe the feeling.

    When Fang Heyang noticed that Lin Yiqian was staring at him without saying a word, he thought that she might be angry. However, he was not worried. Instead, he began to speak jokingly. "You are our boss and you can't go down. If anything happens to you, this company is done for. I would lose my job. Let's go."

    As he spoke, he straightened his back and tucked his hands into his casual black pants.

    The corners of his mouth lifted as he waited patiently for Lin Yiqian.

    Due to the interruption, Lin Yiqian was no longer in the state of mind to work. Not refusing Fang Heyang's offer, Lin Yiqian began cleaning up the things on her desk.

    "Let's go, Sun." She picked up her purse before walking over to Fang Heyang.

    After nodding her head at Fang Heyang, she continued to walk toward the door.

    "Chief Lin, what did you call me?" Fang Heyang looked at Lin Yiqian with a confused expression on his face.

    "Sun." Lin Yiqian stopped walking as she turned around to look at Fang Heyang in a matter-of-fact way. "Your friends address you as the sun anyway. Why can't I do the same?"

    After finishing her sentence, Lin Yiqian even rolled her eyes at him before she continued walking.

    Fang Heyang smirked as he looked at Lin Yiqian who had already walked out of the room. "Chief Lin, you're quite naughty," he said as he caught up with her.

    Then, he began chuckling out loud.

    Lin Yiqian was certain that Fang Heyang came on his motorcycle. Therefore, she did not go down to the basement. Instead, she followed Fang Heyang to the first floor.

    As soon as they walked out of the main entrance, she could see a bright purple motorcycle parked at the end of the steps. Unlike his previous motorcycle, which was of the Yamaha brand, this was a BMW.

    Based only on the exterior design, the BMW already looked much classier than the Yamaha. It must have cost a fortune.
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