334 Do You Go After Married Women?

    Lin Yiqian turned to look at Fang Heyang. As Fang Heyang knew what Lin Yiqian might want to say, he chuckled and spoke before she could. "I borrowed it from a friend. It's not mine."

    As he spoke, he began descending the steps. Once he reached the motorcycle, he opened the storage below the seat to retrieve a pink helmet for Lin Yiqian. "Take it."

    Lin Yiqian walked over to Fang Heyang before taking the helmet from him. However, she did not immediately put it on as she carefully inspected the interior of the helmet.

    "What are you looking at?" Fang Heyang asked confusedly as he had already put his helmet on.

    "I'm checking if there's another girl's hair in it. I am particular about hygiene."

    As Lin Yiqian spoke, she began putting the helmet on.

    "It's brand new." Fang Heyang frowned.

    Lin Yiqian laughed it off as she did not take him seriously.

    For a playboy like him to keep a lady's helmet in his motorcycle, nobody would believe that not a single woman had worn it before.

    Once Fang Heyang had climbed onto the motorcycle, Lin Yiqian followed after him.

    "Sit tight." Fang Heyang turned on the engine as he reminded Lin Yiqian. Before he had even finished his sentence, the motorcycle began to thrust forward.

    Although they were moving very fast, there was still a lot of traffic on the road at this hour. Therefore, they had to zig-zag their way through the traffic.

    When they stopped at a traffic light, Fang Heyang turned his head around to look at Lin Yiqian. "Are you scared?"

    "This is only half the speed that I'm used to back in the day," Lin Yiqian replied calmly.

    As soon as she finished speaking, the traffic light turned green. After Fang Heyang switched gears to speed up, they made it past the intersection. However, all of a sudden, he suddenly slowed down and gradually came to a halt by the side of the road.

    "What are you doing?" Lin Yiqian asked, confused.

    Without replying to her, Fang Heyang got off the motorcycle before pointing at his seat in the front. "Chief Lin, please demonstrate."

    Was he asking her to steer the ride?

    "I have not ridden a motorcycle in years. Are you sure about this?" Lin Yiqian raised her brows.

    "If you, as the boss, are not afraid, why should I be?" Fang Heyang shrugged calmly.

    "Alright." Lin Yiqian nodded as she inched her body forward. With the now vacant seat behind her, Fang Heyang immediately climbed onto the motorcycle.

    Once he had stabilized himself, Lin Yiqian turned her face to him and smirked. "Sit tight. I won't be responsible if anything happens to you."

    "It would be my pleasure to be involved in an accident with the beautiful Chief Lin," Fang Heyang said calmly.

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

    Not only was this guy a flirt, but he also had a knack for saying unfortunate things.

    With the intent of pulling a prank, Lin Yiqian twisted the accelerator with all her might as the motorcycle sped forward for several hundred meters.

    Vroom! Vroom!

    The engine roared as they became part of the noise that filled the road.

    At such high speed, Fang Heyang still barely moved behind Lin Yiqian. She curiously took a glance at him through the rear-view mirror.

    Fang Heyang had placed both his hands onto the safety handle at the end of the motorcycle.

    As Lin Yiqian slowed down, Fang Heyang's voice could be heard from behind her. "Thank goodness you slowed down. Otherwise, I might have gotten so scared that I had to hug you."

    He barely made a sound. Was he scared?

    Lin Yiqian turned her head around to roll her eyes at him. "Do you have a thing for married women?"

    Fang Heyang's shoulders dropped. "I've just been instantly put off by the phrase 'married women'."

    Throughout the journey, Fang Heyang was only focused on conversing with Lin Yiqian. By the time the motorcycle stopped, he looked around to find that nothing was in sight except for the distant ocean somewhere in front and a single villa nearby with lights still turned on. "Where is this place?" He looked confused.
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