336 The Clothes Arent At the Junkyard

    Lin Yiqian's unwavering tone and proud stance left Lin Tianwan stunned as he watched her walking away.

    Not long after, Lin Yiqian could hear the sound of a car's engine being turned on. She came to a halt as a bright light could be seen flashing by from the corner of her eyes.

    Her hands that rested by her side trembled slightly whilst she took a deep breath before she continued to walk forward.

    "Little Yi, you're home," Aunt Zhou said when they bumped into each other as soon as Lin Yiqian entered the house.

    Lin Yiqian nodded without saying a word. After changing into her slippers, she opened the shoe cabinet and was about to keep her heels inside when she saw a pair of familiar men's shoes. She paused for a moment before placing her heels inside and closing it. Then, she began walking into the living room.

    Aunt Zhou followed after her concernedly. "Little Yi, you must not have eaten. Nianshen has called me and asked me to cook you some porridge. It should be done right about now. Go on and eat."

    As Aunt Zhou spoke, she headed toward the dining room.

    Since Lin Yiqian had not eaten the entire day, she did not refuse Aunt Zhou's offer. However, she did not want to eat alone in the dining room. "Bring it up to my room."

    "Alright." Aunt Zhou stopped walking.

    Without saying anything further, Lin Yiqian began walking upstairs.

    Once Lin Yiqian had disappeared out of sight, Aunt Zhou immediately took her phone out of her pocket and texted Gu Nianshen on WeChat. "Nianshen, a man has sent Little Yi home earlier."

    'Let's see if that worries you!' She thought.

    After Aunt Zhou had sent the message, she poked forcefully at Gu Nianshen's profile picture.

    In Beijing, it had begun drizzling since five o'clock in the evening. Nearly three hours later, it still had not stopped.

    Under Gu Nianshen's guidance, dozens of men were digging through piles of trash in Beijing's central junkyard.

    Despite not using an umbrella, and having his clothes and hair soaked through from the drizzle, Gu Nianshen barely noticed it. His only focus was on finding the clothes Lin Yiqian had bought him.

    As he was using his phone as a torchlight, he immediately checked it when he heard the WeChat notification.

    When he saw Aunt Zhou's message, he panicked. "Was it Song Changlin?" He immediately wrote.

    "Not Changlin." Aunt Zhou replied.

    Seeing that it was not Song Changlin, Gu Nianshen sighed in relief.

    Who could it be?

    He wondered which man had the guts to send his wife home.

    Whilst Gu Nianshen was trying to guess who sent Lin Yiqian home, the manager of the central junkyard approached him with a tired look. "Mr. Gu, all trash from the past few days are all here. We've searched everywhere. There really aren't any clothes that you are looking for."

    When Gu Nianshen heard that the clothes could not be found, he felt as equally lost as all the trash that had been piled up all around him.

    Right then, his phone began to ring. It was a call from the manager of Shanghai's airport security.

    "Speak." He immediately uttered into the phone.

    "Mr. Gu, the footage from the security camera is out. Indeed, you were seen tossing the clothes away."

    As soon as this incident was mentioned, Gu Nianshen felt pain in his heart.

    Did the person not know how to get straight to the point?

    The security manager continued to speak. "It wasn't one of our cleaning staff who picked the clothes up. I've already sent the security footage to your email. Have a look."

    Hearing this, Gu Nianshen immediately hung up and checked his email. The first unread email was from the security manager.

    He immediately opened it.

    The first thing that came into sight was him snatching the clothes away from Lin Yiqian before tossing them onto the street.

    Now that he was looking at this from the third person's point of view, the pitiful sight of Lin Yiqian hitting his chest with her fists helplessly pained him.

    Then, the footage showed him carrying Lin Yiqian away in his arms.

    When he replayed it, the intimacy between the two of them embarrassed even himself.
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