337 The Clothes Look Good On Your Uncle Too

    Although Gu Nianshen was eager to fast forward the footage to find out who had picked up the clothes, he was distracted when Lin Yiqian suddenly raised her hands and circled them around his neck. Soon, she rested her head against his shoulder.

    In that instant, Gu Nianshen could feel tingles in his bones. He recalled at the time that he had been filled with envy and rage, such that he did not even notice these details and had no idea what he had missed.

    No longer willing to fast forward the footage, Gu Nianshen drew his hand away. It felt like he was watching a movie for which he desired no end so that he could watch as the couple held onto each other forever.

    However, in the end, their figures disappeared from the footage.

    Then, groups of pedestrians walked past the security camera. After approximately two minutes, a man dressed in black appeared in the footage. Gu Nianshen immediately recognized who the person was.

    It was Song Changlin!

    When Gu Nianshen saw Song Changlin walking to the center of the road to pick up the clothes, his facial expression darkened.

    He nearly tossed his phone to the ground.

    'Damn!' Gu Nianshen was actually fooled by Song Changlin.

    After Song Changlin had picked up the clothes and returned to the sidewalk, he threw the torn shopping bag into the dustbin as he held the clothes in his hand.

    Although the clothes were tainted, one could see that they were white in color.

    Gu Nianshen was so engrossed in being jealous at the time that he had completely forgotten that Song Changlin liked black-colored clothes while he only wore white-colored clothes.

    Thus, Gu Nianshen felt both regret and joy.

    After putting his phone away, he began running to where his car was parked as he laughed hysterically, all the while ignoring the raindrops that blurred his vision.


    By the time Gu Nianshen arrived in Beijing, it was already the dawn of the next day. As it had only turned six in the morning, the sky was still in a dark blue hue.

    Qi Shaodong arrived to pick him up. As soon as Gu Nianshen got into the car, he began giving orders. "Hurry up. Go to Chief Song's."

    Gu Nianshen wished he could arrive there in the next second. If he did not have to go to Beijing, perhaps he would already be wearing the clothes Lin Yiqian had bought him.

    He closed his eyes so as not to think about it because the more he thought, the more annoyed he became.

    A notification sound suddenly came from his phone. As he opened his eyes, he glanced at the screen.

    The words 'Song Changlin' appeared on the screen. Gu Nianshen's drowsiness instantly faded away.

    "I will return the clothes to you as soon as you start addressing me as 'Uncle'." The message wrote.

    This was a case of blackmail!

    Gu Nianshen gritted his teeth and clenched his fists tightly. He had the urge to smash the window of the car.

    Throughout his entire life, this was the first time someone had toyed with him and even blackmailed him.

    It was a horrible feeling of being dominated. Gu Nianshen felt as if his pride was on the line.

    "Do you think I care about those clothes?" Gu Nianshen replied.

    "I think it looks good on me too. Some of the buttons have come off. I was planning to get Aunt Hong to sew a few buttons on to replace them." Song Changlin wrote.

    Gu Nianshen could not stay calm at the sight of this message.

    "Song Changlin, Lin Yiqian is my wife now." Gu Nianshen wrote as he gritted his teeth.

    "Like I said, the clothes look good on me. Consider it a gift to your uncle then. I'll send you a picture after I have put the clothes on."

    The only thought in Gu Nianshen's mind was that the clothes were from Lin Yiqian. Song Changlin should not even dream about touching them. "Song Changlin, if you dare touch my clothes, I might cut off ties with you."

    As soon as Gu Nianshen sent the message, he realized the severity of his words.

    Li Nanmu had always said that brothers were like one's limbs whereas women were like one's clothes. If that was the case, Lin Yiqian was the clothes Gu Nianshen had always wanted to wear since he was a child. Even if someone else glanced at her, he would feel jealous.

    If someone touched her, he would cut the person's limbs off.

    If his uncle tried to take her away from him, he would...

    It seemed as if Song Changlin was not going to reply to his message. Gu Nianshen scrolled up to look at Song Changlin's previous message. 'I'll send you a picture after I have put the clothes on.'
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