338 You Will Pay For This

    Could Song Changlin have approached Aunt Hong to sew the buttons on?

    As Gu Nianshen thought of this, he began to feel nervous and uncertain about what to do next. When he looked at his phone, Song Changlin still had not replied to his message.

    No longer able to bear the suspense, Gu Nianshen's fingers trembled as he typed into his phone. "Uncle."

    Without giving himself an opportunity to hesitate, he pressed the button to send the message as soon as he finished typing it.

    Throughout Gu Nianshen's over twenty years of living, this was the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to him.


    "Okay." Song Changlin replied.

    Gu Nianshen could sense Song Changlin's victorious smile through his single-worded reply. Without replying to Song Changlin's message, Gu Nianshen tossed his phone aside.

    Despite feeling annoyed, Gu Nianshen was clueless about how to vent his feelings. Instead, he grabbed his collar and tugged at it with one hand as he opened the window with his other hand.

    From the airport to the city, the highway they took was very close to the ocean. Therefore, there was an ocean breeze that blew against his face gently. However, it was not able to get rid of the anger in his heart.

    By now, most of the servants in the Song family had already woken up.

    Flowers of various colors were in full bloom in the old-fashioned courtyard. Meanwhile, Grandmother Song, dressed in a white workout outfit, was doing some light exercise in the open gym.

    Although Gu Nianshen had seen her, he was not in the mood to greet her as he walked directly toward the house.

    "Nianshen, you're here."

    "Master Nianshen."

    As soon as Gu Nianshen entered the house, the servants greeted him one at a time. However, he ignored all of them as he continued to walk to the second floor where Song Changlin's room was located.

    When he arrived at the door, he reached for the doorknob. Before he could turn it, the door was already unlocked.

    Instinctively, he drew his hand away as the door was opened from the other side.

    Song Changlin was wearing pajamas with blue and white boxes as he walked out of the room. As he had just taken a shower, his hair was not fully dry yet.

    When Gu Nianshen saw that Song Changlin was not wearing a white shirt, he sighed in relief. "Song Changlin, you will pay for this," Gu Nianshen immediately said with a cold expression.

    After giving Song Changlin the warning, Gu Nianshen pushed him aside and walked past him.

    "Nianshen, how could you speak to your youngest uncle like that?" Grandmother Song reprimanded from behind him all of a sudden.

    Gu Nianshen stopped walking as he turned his head around to find the old woman standing by the door with a cold facial expression as she stared at him.

    As Gu Nianshen was still in a bad mood, he did not have the patience to speak kindly to anyone, including his grandmother. "Grandmother, you ought to manage your kids better. From what I see, my youngest uncle seems to be very keen about finding an aunt-in-law for Gu Nianjia and myself."

    Gu Nianshen suddenly recalled that Gu Nianjia had intended to introduce a singer to Song Changlin. Why was there no news from her?

    He decided that he would cut down on Gu Nianjia's pocket money for the following month.

    After finishing his sentence, Gu Nianshen did not wait for Grandmother Song's response as he continued walking into Song Changlin's room.

    As Song Changlin had only just returned to the country, he did not have many belongings in his room. At one glance, Gu Nianshen could see everything in the room.

    They were all items of practical usage.

    Having glanced around, Gu Nianshen was still not able to locate the clothes. "Where are the clothes?" He turned to face Song Changlin.

    Despite his pride and arrogance, Gu Nianshen could not hide his urgency and longing.

    Song Changlin chuckled helplessly. However, he seemed to be very used to it.

    Without saying a word, Song Changlin headed toward the storage room. Gu Nianshen followed after him. After Song Changlin opened the cabinet in the storage room, he retrieved seven shirts from within. While four of the shirts were fully white, the remaining three were white with dark-colored stripes.

    Each of them had visible signs of being damaged as patches of dirt were stuck onto them.

    Were these the clothes Lin Yiqian had bought for him?

    As Gu Nianshen looked at the clothes, he hurriedly approached Song Changlin before snatching the clothes out of his hands.

    Some of the shirts were more damaged than the others. Gu Nianshen cursed in his heart as he examined the clothes.

    'Those darned cars!' He could not believe that they actually ran over his shirts.
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