342 Xiaoxiao Is the Only Dog We Have

    "Nianshen is making sandwiches in the kitchen. He said that the sandwiches made by our servants taste horrible. However, the sandwiches he is making now are exactly identical to the one he made for Xiaoxiao one evening not too long ago," Aunt Zhou explained.

    "I wonder if he had fed Xiaoxiao anything else which I don't know about. I have to warn him so that he doesn't cause Xiaoxiao to fall sick. Gu Nianjia will blame me for not taking care of Xiaoxiao."

    Lin Yiqian finally understood. Gu Nianshen was making sandwiches right now and he had made the same kind of sandwich for Gu Xiaoxiao.

    Perhaps, that was not the only time he had personally made something for Gu Xiaoxiao to eat.

    Right then, Lin Yiqian only had one thing on her mind that was, she was inferior to a dog.

    Gu Nianshen had actually made a sandwich for Gu Xiaoxiao.

    Lin Yiqian did not want to hear any more from Aunt Zhou. If she did, she would start feeling jealous of a dog.

    "Don't worry. It wasn't you who did it. I'm going up for a shower." Lin Yiqian waved her hand at Aunt Zhou.

    Her body was covered in sweat.

    After returning to her room to take a quick shower, Lin Yiqian changed into formal attire for work and headed downstairs.

    Knowing that Gu Nianshen was in the dining room, she did not plan on having a meal there. However, when she walked past the dining room, she could not help but stop.

    Coincidentally, Aunt Zhou was walking out of the dining room.

    "Little Yi, you showed up just in time. I was about to go upstairs to get you.

    "Nianshen was the one who asked me to do so."

    As Aunt Zhou spoke, she reached for Lin Yiqian's hand and dragged her into the dining room without caring about whether she was willing or not.

    In the end, Lin Yiqian was dragged into the dining room. However, she knew very well that Aunt Zhou was only able to drag her inside because it was what she wanted in her heart.

    Lin Yiqian could not help it because she had a crush on Gu Nianshen and she was not ashamed of it.

    As soon as they entered the dining room, Gu Nianshen walked out of the kitchen with one plate in each hand. Although the sandwiches on both plates looked similar, one had raw vegetables in them while the other did not.

    Lin Yiqian glanced at Gu Nainshen's face before her gaze landed on the sandwiches.

    She could not wait to see the end result of her husband's hard work.

    However, why did the sandwiches look so familiar?

    When Gu Nianshen saw Lin Yiqian, he seemed a little embarrassed. He tried his best to appear calm as he walked over to the dining table before placing one plate at his own spot and the other at Lin Yiqian's usual spot.

    After he had sat down, he turned to look at Lin Yiqian again. "I've made extra. Let's eat together," he said as he removed his apron.

    Lin Yiqian's facial expression was turning gloomy as she continued to stare at the sandwiches.

    That was because she recalled that the sandwiches Gu Xiaoxiao had brought to her looked exactly the same. The sandwiches did not contain any eggs but had luncheon meat and a layer of tomato sauce.

    "Aunt Zhou, did you say that Gu Nianshen had made a sandwich for Xiaoxiao that looked exactly the same?" Lin Yiqian asked.


    Gu Nianshen had just picked up a fork. However, when he heard Lin Yiqian's question for Aunt Zhou, his hand trembled and the fork had fallen out of his hand.

    Not being in a hurry to pick the fork up, Gu Nianshen looked at Aunt Zhou nervously.

    However, the old woman was not even looking at him despite his best efforts to make eye contact.

    As Aunt Zhou did not realize anything was amiss with Lin Yiqian, she nodded truthfully. "Yeah, he said that it was for the dog. Xiaoxiao is the only dog we have."

    "Did it happen at night?" Lin Yiqian asked through gritted teeth.

    "Umm... Yes."

    Aunt Zhou sounded hesitant as she seemed to have finally sensed that something was not right.

    Right then, her gaze happened to fall upon Gu Nianshen. As soon as she saw the expression on his face, she hurriedly covered her mouth as if she had just discovered something shocking.
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