344 Its Dangerous For Me To Drive As I Havent Slept All Nigh

    "Looking for some clothes?"

    Lin Yiqian was stunned for a moment as she suddenly remembered about the clothes Gu Nianshen had thrown away at the airport in Beijing.

    However, it did not sound possible to her. So many days had passed, why would he suddenly think about looking for those clothes?

    There was no apparent reason for it.

    Nevermind that he did not even know that those clothes were for him. Even if he did, he would not have cared. More importantly, he would not have possibly gone through the dumpsters in the night.

    It was not like Xi Xia had bought him those clothes.

    What other clothes would he have left behind in Beijing?

    "Do you know what clothes he was looking for? I'm rather curious."

    Lin Yiqian was still deep in thought when Bai Se's voice suddenly interrupted her.

    "You've become rather interested in gossip these days," Lin Yiqian said with a frown.

    It was true. Bai Se did not use to care about gossip. Apart from stuff related to work, he would never ask about Lin Yiqian's personal life.

    After all these years, he had never asked her about Xiaoyu's father and had instead gone with the flow.

    However, he was always able to handle everything related to Catwoman and her son and keep everything in order. It appeared there was not a problem he could not resolve.

    Sometimes, Lin Yiqian felt that Bai Se was like an Artificial Intelligence she had created to manage everything in her life. It felt surreal at times.

    Bai Se was still a mystery to Lin Yiqian. Despite his capabilities, Lin Yiqian had met him at a time he was at his lowest point. Lin Yiqian knew nothing about his life before they met, including why he was in America and how his life was at the time.

    She did not know why she trusted him unconditionally either. Perhaps it was because she was all alone in a foreign country and had felt helpless on her own.

    "I am your star assistant. I keep an eye on everything related to you," Bai Se said seriously.

    After her thoughts had been interrupted by Bai Se, she decided to change the topic as she chuckled. "You are Catwoman's personal assistant, not Lin Yiqian's."

    Lin Yiqian was about to hang up when Bai Se suddenly spoke. "I have something to discuss with you."

    "What is it?"

    "CTM is having a press conference for the premier. I will be back in America for a while. Should I bring Xiaoyu along or let him stay here with you?" Bai Se asked.

    "Leave him with me," Lin Yiqian answered without hesitation.

    It would take over ten hours to fly to America. Moreover, there would be a time difference to get used to. It would be too much for Xiaoyu.

    'Besides...' Lin Yiqian thought.

    When Lin Yiqian opened her eyes, a familiar man's figure happened to have walked out of the house, making her feel even more certain about bringing Xiaoyu home with her.

    Worried that she might change her mind, Bai Se immediately spoke when he heard Lin Yiqian's words. "Alright. I'll send him over in the afternoon."

    "One more thing. You have to make up your mind about attending Suka's red carpet event as soon as possible. Let me know if you will attend before next week."

    As Gu Nianshen was fast approaching her car, Lin Yiqian did not hesitate as she replied to Bai Se, "Alright. I will directly inform them during the weekend."

    After finishing her sentence, she hung up before tossing her phone onto the passenger seat.

    Then, she was prepared to drive away before Gu Nianshen suddenly reached for the door on the passenger side and opened it.

    In a swift motion, he stepped into the car.

    When he saw Lin Yiqian's phone on the seat, he picked it up and tossed it into the storage space between the seats before sitting down and buckling up his safety belt.

    "What are you doing?" Lin Yiqian asked with a frown.

    After buckling his safety belt, Gu Nianshen leaned against the chair and closed his eyes.

    "It's dangerous for me to drive as I haven't slept all night," he replied lazily.
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