346 But You Are My Wife

    Lin Yiqian was certain that she had never listened to the song before. It was a song with lyrics that were very straightforward as well. However, a lady had sung it and she sounded pretty good.

    'The wife is always number one while the husband is number two. You are my heart and you are my liver.'

    Lin Yiqian could feel her face heating up as she took a peek at the man in the passenger seat.

    Although he was still facing her, the devilish smile on his face had disappeared as he had already closed his eyes. Lin Yiqian wondered if he had fallen asleep.

    She then turned down the volume of the song.

    Right then, the line 'his wife is always number one while the husband is number two' was being repeated. As Lin Yiqian listened to it, a warm fuzzy feeling filled her.

    Having had a crush on Gu Nianshen for so long, she found that even the songs being played from his phone felt like words of confession from him.


    As the car stopped right in front of the main entrance of Mega's office building, people who passed by glanced curiously into the car as they wondered who was inside.

    Lin Yiqian leaned against the window with one arm as she rested her face against it whilst gazing at the man who had fallen into a deep slumber next to her.

    She was smiling from cheek to cheek in an affectionate way.

    It was obvious that she completely ignored the curious gazes from outside the car.

    As the space in the car was too small, it would definitely be uncomfortable to be sleeping in the same position for too long. At first, Gu Nianshen was resting his head against his hand. However, he soon pulled his hand away.

    Without his hand to support him, his head began to fall forward.

    Lin Yiqian instinctively reached out with her hand to stop him from falling. As she did so, the tip of her thumb accidentally bumped against Gu Nianshen's eyelid, immediately waking him up.

    The first thing Gu Nianshen saw when he opened his eyes was Lin Yiqian's hand which held his head up.

    Her thin wrist seemed fair and smooth, making Gu Nianshen feel even more protective of her.

    Realizing that she had woken Gu Nianshen up, Lin Yiqian hurriedly drew her hand away.

    However, as she was doing so, Gu Nianshen suddenly reached for her wrist and pulled her toward him.

    Lin Yiqian's entire body suddenly jerked forward as her face got closer to the man. They could now feel each other's breath.

    In that instant, both of their hearts simultaneously skipped a beat as the mood in the car suddenly felt romantic.

    Neither of them could take their eyes off each other as they saw their own reflections in the other's eyes.

    Lin Yiqian could clearly feel that the man's breathing had changed.

    It was becoming louder and faster.

    It was as if his breath had touched her heart, she could feel her heart pounding hard. Although she had the urge to push him away, she also felt the desire to hug him.

    Gu Nianshen used his other hand to flick one finger against Lin Yiqian's forehead. "Idiot. Why didn't you wake me up when we've already arrived?"

    Despite the reprimanding tone, there was an affectionate quality to it.

    However, the mood stayed romantic.

    The warmth in Lin Yiqian's eyes gradually faded away as he pushed Gu Nianshen away. "I'm neither Mr. Gu's secretary nor assistant. It's not my responsibility to do so."

    How could this fellow pretend that nothing had happened after the mistakes he had made?

    Clearly, he did not care about her feelings.

    "But you are my wife."

    Just as Lin Yiqian shifted her gaze away from Gu Nianshen's face angrily, his words of complaint could immediately be heard.

    Lin Yiqian could feel the weight of his words in her heart.

    As she jerked her head around to face him, Gu Nianshen had already opened the door and was getting out of the car.

    "Remember to pick me up at night." Gu Nianshen ordered as he stood next to the car.

    Then, he gently closed the door before turning around and putting his hands in his pockets as he walked leisurely up the stairs toward Mega's main entrance.

    As he ascended the stairs, his footsteps quickened somewhat.

    Lin Yiqian tilted her head and raised her brows. 'Is it me or does this fellow seem to be in a good mood?'
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