347 The Master of Disguising As A Woman

    Could it be because Gu Nianshen had managed to locate the clothes at the junkyard the night before?

    If Bai Se was able to confidently tell Lin Yiqian that Gu Nianshen was looking for clothes, he must have already proven it to be true.

    Lin Yiqian wondered what clothes Gu Nianshen could have been looking for that were so important.

    At least, they were important enough that Gu Nianshen was willing to step down from his pedestal and personally look for the clothes in the junkyard.

    Were the clothes from Xi Xia?

    If they were, Lin Yiqian was glad that Gu Nianshen had thrown the clothes she had bought for him. That was because she never got to offer them as gifts to him in the first place.

    Although Lin Yiqian personally thought that she was not better than Xi Xia, she still refused to do the same thing as Xi Xia did. For example, Xi Xia was patient and loving to nearly everyone so much so that people around Gu Nianshen always complimented her. Therefore, Lin Yiqian was adamant about not being close to those people.

    Even if they thought that Lin Yiqian was arrogant and full of pride, she did not care.

    Of course, Gu Nianjia was the only exception.


    As Lin Yiqian's recording work had been delayed for three days, she continued working until nearly eight o'clock in the evening. She only stopped because she felt that her voice box could not handle any further strain.

    Originally, she had planned to bring Xiaoyu home today. However, it was too late now. Her only option was to do so tomorrow.

    After returning to her car, Lin Yiqian took off her mask and resumed her identity as Lin Yiqian.

    Then, she took her phone out of her purse. There were nearly a dozen missed calls and all of them were from Gu Nianshen.

    There were even WeChat messages.

    "Why didn't you come to pick me up?"

    "Lin Yiqian, where have you been? Why aren't you here yet?"

    Did this fellow really think she would pick him up?

    How thick-skinned was he?

    Had he forgotten about throwing her clothes away and even forcing himself upon her the entire night?

    "Mr. Gu, can't you afford to hire a chauffeur? Or have you lost the ability to drive a car?" Lin Yiqian replied in a huff.

    "Where are you?" Gu Nianshen replied almost instantly.

    Lin Yiqian glanced at the message but chose not to reply.

    She really was feeling too tired as she closed her eyes for a while.

    After arriving at the place where they were staying, Bai Se moved closer to Lin Yiqian once the car had stopped. He had taken off his T-shirt which revealed the sleeveless top he was wearing inside.

    Then, he put on Catwoman's outfit before placing the mask over his face.

    He had instantly transformed himself into another person.

    After putting on the disguise, Bai Se got out of the car without exchanging a word with Lin Yiqian.

    Under the dim light, his figure seemed identical to Catwoman's.

    Lin Yiqian could not help but gasp in surprise each time she witnessed this scene. There was not a single assistant who could beat Catwoman's assistant, Bai Se.

    Based on the fact that he had been able to disguise himself as Catwoman over the last five years to distract the media while Lin Yiqian slipped away, she was already deeply impressed.

    There was nothing unusual about him wearing a female outfit.

    Bai Se was definitely the master of disguising himself as a woman.

    Lin Yiqian smiled slyly before standing up and stepping into the driver's seat.


    By the time Lin Yiqian found a ride to get to the office, it was already past nine o'clock in the evening. Nearly all the lights in the building had been turned off.

    As the doors were locked at night, she needed to use her access card to get in.

    Lin Yiqian had swiped her access card against the scanner and was about to enter the building when the loud sound of a motorcycle's engine could be heard from behind her.

    The headlights blinked against her from the back. Subconsciously, she turned her head around.

    Three motorcycles had formed a triangle behind her. The motorcycle in the front was a bright purple BMW that matched the color of the driver's T-shirt and AJ sports shoes.

    The BMW and its driver seemed cool and flamboyant at the same time, so much so that the combination took the spotlight away from the two Yamaha at the back that also cost six-figures respectively.

    Apart from Fang Heyang, who else would ride on such an attention-seeking motorcycle?

    Lin Yiqian wondered why this fellow was still loitering around the office at this hour.

    "Chief Lin, why did you come to the office this late?"
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