351 Are You Disappointed That He Did Now Show Up?

    Lin Tianwan stopped in front of Lin Yiqian as he greeted her with a smile before shifting his gaze out the door.

    "Didn't Nianshen come with you?" He asked.

    "Are you disappointed that he did not show up?

    Lin Yiqian then walked past Lin Tianwan apathetically.

    As she approached the couch, a middle-aged woman dressed in a black dress stood up and greeted Lin Yiqian with a smile. "Little Yi, it's been a few years. Have you grown taller?"

    She was Lin Yiqian's second aunt. "Second Aunt," Lin Yiqian replied with a nod.

    "Second Uncle." Lin Yiqian then shifted her gaze to the middle-aged man who remained seated on the couch.

    Although her second aunt and second uncle were not particularly affectionate toward her, they had never done anything to harm her in the past.

    Moreover, her grandmother was rather fond of Lin Yiqian's second uncle.

    Meanwhile, her second uncle reciprocated her greeting with a nod.

    However, Lin Yiqian chose to ignore her oldest uncle, Lin Tianxi, and his children.

    Seeing that she was not greeting them, Lin Tianwan walked up to her to remind her. "Your oldest uncle and aunt, and also your elder brother."

    However, Lin Yiqian pretended not to hear him. "I'm going to light up an incense stick for Grandmother," she said while facing her second uncle and aunt.

    As she began walking toward her grandmother's altar with her framed picture placed upon it, she noticed that it was a picture of her grandmother when she was younger. Her hair was tied into a bun whilst she could be seen slightly smiling.

    From her picture alone, one could tell that Lin Yiqian's grandmother was a gentle and kind lady.

    As Lin Yiqian stood before the picture, flashbacks from the past appeared in her mind. A sense of nostalgia took over.

    Time seemed to pass so quickly. It felt as if only yesterday when her grandmother was telling Lin Yiqian about the times when the older generation lived in poverty.

    Lin Yiqian reached for three incense sticks before lighting them up.

    After completing the incense offering, she gently brushed off some dust from the framed picture.

    Then, Lin Yiqian turned around and returned to the couch.

    Her calm and seemingly arrogant demeanor caused Lin Yuqing to feel jealous.

    "Can you all see now? She's even more arrogant than before," Lin Yuqing said. Her mother who sat beside her immediately jumped in, "Little Yi, you can't forget about your own family just because you're married into the Gu household."

    As Lin Yiqian's oldest aunt used to be a well-known beauty in her youth, she still looked attractive even as her age was fast approaching fifty.

    However, Lin Yiqian could tell that her smile was not genuine from the way she spoke.

    Lin Yiqian smirked sarcastically as she nodded. "Oldest Aunt, you are right. I ought to remember that my surname is Lin."

    "Even after marrying into such a rich family like the Gu's, you've never helped out at home financially. On the contrary, you're always trying to give our stuff away."

    The person who spoke was the son of Lin Yiqian's oldest uncle, Lin Haohan.

    As the members of his family had never been kind to her or her mother, Lin Yiqian was not wary of being impolite. "What have I ever given away from your family?"

    Lin Haohan was stunned by her question for two seconds. "We all belong to the Lin family as a whole. It doesn't matter if it belongs to you or me," he said proudly.

    "How could we belong to the same group if we are not even of the same status?" Lin Yiqian laughed as if she had heard a joke.

    As she spoke, she cocked her brows sarcastically.

    Lin Haohan suddenly stood up as his facial expression changed drastically. "Lin Yiqian, you..." He pointed at Lin Yiqian.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian looked away from him proudly as she cut him off. "Today is the anniversary of Grandmother's death. I do not wish to fight. For those of you who wish to stay for a meal, stay. If you don't, you may leave. If I've not remembered incorrectly, this house now belongs to me."

    Lin Yiqian had instantly established her position as master of the house.
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