352 Are You Bullying A Member of the Gu Family Again?

    Seeing how Lin Yiqian was disrespecting his family, Lin Tianxi could no longer remain silent. "There is something your father has perhaps not found the courage to tell you." He snorted.

    As Lin Tianxi spoke, he glanced at Lin Tianwan who stood next to Lin Yiqian.

    Then, he returned his gaze to Lin Yiqian. "Your mother's burial plot was actually bought by your second aunt for Yuqing's maternal grandmother. Now that Yuqing's grandmother is in dire health..."

    Lin Yiqian peered her eyes as soon as the words were spoken.

    Her cold glare immediately took Lin Tianxi by surprise as he stopped speaking.

    Right then, Lin Yiqian's oldest aunt stood up and got straight to the point. "The burial plot was borrowed by your family. Your family has promised to buy us another one but it has still not been done yet. Do you even know how much the cost of land has increased?"

    Hearing this, Lin Yiqian replied without hesitation. "You can pick any burial plot you want, including anywhere within and out of the country."

    "I don't want any other burial plot. You must move your mother's coffin away. What else can you do about it?" Lin Yiqian's oldest aunt chuckled.

    Lin Yiqian's facial expression turned as cold as ice.

    Her gaze seemed to pierce through whoever dared to look her in the eyes.

    All of a sudden, it felt as if the temperature had dropped in the room.

    Lin Tianwan hurriedly approached Lin Yiqian's oldest aunt as he chuckled. "Sister-in-law, why don't you reconsider this...? Yue Qin has always been kind to you when she was still around..."

    As soon as Lin Yiqian heard Lin Tianwan saying her mother's name, she could no longer control her emotions. "You don't deserve to call my mother by her name," Lin Yiqian exclaimed loudly.

    Lin Tianwan was taken by surprise as he turned around to look at Lin Yiqian.

    Right then, Lin Yiqian's second uncle and aunt stepped forward. "Child, how could you speak to your father like that?"

    They did not seem hostile as they had reprimanded Lin Yiqian very softly.

    "She hardly has any manners." Lin Yiqian's oldest aunt laughed as she spoke.

    "If any of you dare to touch my mother's grave, I will make sure you rest in peace too." Lin Yiqian's gaze swept past everyone in the room.

    "Look at that. This child has a venomous tongue." Lin Yiqian's oldest aunt pointed at Lin Yiqian, her finger trembling with anger.

    Lin Tianwan seemed to be in a difficult position.

    Although he turned to face Lin Yiqian, he could not bring himself to say a word.

    "Lin Yiqian, stop acting tough. So what if you are Gu Nianshen's wife? We will take back what belongs to our family. The law will be on our side." Lin Yuqing remarked sarcastically.

    "It's the ten-year-anniversary of our grandmother's death and yet Gu Nianshen didn't even come with her. We can all see how unimportant she is in the Gu family." Lin Haohan snorted.

    The siblings took turns insulting Lin Yiqian.

    However, Lin Yiqian remained calm as she could not even be bothered to reply to them.

    In spite of that, her mood was still affected somewhat. She could not help but think how things would have turned out if she had asked Gu Nianshen to come along.

    Would he have agreed to come?

    'Why do you want to have a daughter with me?'

    'Because you look rather pretty...'

    "Why are you bullying a member of the Gu family just because I have arrived late?" A familiar proud voice could suddenly be heard from behind Lin Yiqian.

    Lin Yiqian could not believe her ears as her eyes widened in surprise.

    Was she imagining the voice?

    If it was not an imagination, she swore she would turn around and reach for his hand.

    Lin Yiqian mustered the courage to turn around in the end.

    As she did so, she found herself seeing Gu Nianshen dressed in a black shirt for the first time. In fact, she had never even seen a black shirt in his wardrobe before. Right then, he had buttoned his shirt up to his neck so as to appear formal. The color of the shirt made him seem unusually fair in contrast.

    Moreover, the way the edges of his eyes angled upward made him seem a lot more charming.
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