354 Her Husband Was a Great Actor

    Gu Nianshen paused before suddenly shifting his gaze to Lin Yuqing as his facial expression turned cold. "She has the right to choose who can stay and who should leave."

    As he spoke, he used his arm to pull Lin Yiqian closer in his embrace.

    Surprised by his sudden action, Lin Yiqian subconsciously clung tighter onto his shirt as her heart pounded.

    "As of today, this bungalow belongs to her. She will have the final say on whether you can be here or not," Gu Nianshen continued.

    Although he had spoken monotonously, Lin Yuqing did not dare to question his authoritative remark.

    Lin Yuqing had initially wanted to embarrass Lin Yiqian, but she ended up embarrassing herself.

    As she grew up being used to getting whatever she wanted, Lin Yuqing naturally could not admit defeat that easily as she turned to look at her parents for help.

    Knowing how powerful Gu Nianshen was, Lin Tianxi dared not speak against him. He would try to minimize conflict with Gu Nianshen as much as possible.

    Although he seemed unhappy, Lin Tianxi did not dare to say a word.

    When his wife saw how timid he was behaving, she felt the urge to reason with Gu Nianshen on her own. "This bungalow belongs to the Lin family. How can you tell us what to do here?"

    "Based solely on the fact that I have the money to buy it and make Lin Yiqian its owner."

    Lin Yiqian remained silent.

    Her husband was truly a great actor.

    Despite showing off his wealth, his attitude made it impossible for anyone to find words to insult him.

    After being quiet for a long while, Lin Yiqian's aunt finally decided to have a go at her instead. "Lin Yiqian, if you do not wish to move your mother's grave, give us this bungalow in exchange. You've said it yourself that I can pick any piece of land, regardless of whether it was local or abroad."

    Hearing this, Lin Yiqian did not immediately reply. Instead, she turned to look at Lin Tianwan.

    "Is this what you have planned for me today?" She asked with a sarcastic smirk.

    Lin Yiqian had thought it was impossible for her to resent her father after all the disappointment she had been through.

    Apparently, that was not the case.

    In fact, she still cared about what he did to her. The father she knew who once loved her very much was not cooperating with these people to set her up.

    Lin Yiqian held onto Gu Nianshen's shirt as she tried to control her emotions.

    All of a sudden, Gu Nianshen's arm around her tightened as he pulled her closer to him so that she was now completely leaning into his embrace.

    Right then, she needed a hug and someone she could lean on. She needed a little bit of warmth.

    As soon as Lin Tianwan heard Lin Yiqian's question, he immediately looked at Gu Nianshen for his reaction. He seemed to be extremely wary of Gu Nianshen.

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen had an unreadable facial expression but people around him still felt intimidated by his presence.

    Afraid of letting his gaze linger upon Gu Nianshen, Lin Tianwan immediately looked away before frowning. "Little Yi, how could you think that way? You do know that today is the anniversary of your grandmother's death. Besides, you've not returned for a few years during your stay abroad. I've not heard anything from you. Even your second uncle and your second aunt have not seen you for a very long time. We just wanted you to come back for a meal together. How could we possibly be setting you up?"

    As he spoke, Lin Tianwan would look away whenever his eyes met Lin Yiqian, which obviously made him seem guilty.

    "Are you people actually thinking about doing something to my mother-in-law's grave?" Gu Nianshen roared after Lin Tianwan had finished speaking.

    Lin Tianwan immediately stumbled backward in shock.

    "Nianshen, this is a misunderstanding. The burial plot was bought by Little Yi's oldest aunt for her own mother many years ago. It was because... Little Yi's mother had left us too suddenly. At the time, we couldn't find a suitable location and therefore, we have used the burial plot Little Yi's oldest aunt had bought," Lin Tianwan explained in a trembling voice.
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