356 Remember That You Still Owe Me Five Kisses

    Lin Yiqian's third and final question was... When did Gu Nianshen start caring about all this stuff?

    As she tilted her head sideways, she continued to look at Gu Nianshen's face without saying a word. Gradually, a smile appeared on her face.

    She seemed to be thinking about something funny.

    As a ray of sunlight hit her face, it was becoming clear that she was indeed smiling as her eyes glistened.

    What was this idiot smiling about?

    Gu Nianshen turned away for two seconds as he could not bear being stared at.

    Once his gaze returned to her face and he noticed that she was still staring, he lost his patience. "You idiot. Who else can you fight against besides me?" He poked Lin Yiqian's forehead with one finger.

    Then, he turned around arrogantly and began walking to his car.

    "Yes, Mr. Gu. Thank you for your protection." Lin Yiqian followed behind him as she nodded repeatedly.

    Mr. Gu?

    Gu Nianshen stopped walking. As Lin Yiqian caught up with him, he lowered his head with a frown.

    Had she not called him her husband earlier when she needed his help?

    Lin Yiqian was confused as to why Gu Nianshen appeared upset. She raised her brows.

    "You..." Gu Nianshen began speaking. "Pick me up tonight. I've bought you a house that cost me tens of millions. You'll pay me back by being my slave."

    He would only change his mind if she acknowledged the fact that she was his wife.

    Then, Gu Nianshen turned around and was about to enter the car after opening the door.

    Right then, clouds had parted to reveal the sun in its full glory. As a ray of sunlight fell across his face, his jawline suddenly seemed much more mellow.

    Perhaps, it was because Lin Yiqian had never seen him in a white shirt. Right then, Gu Nianshen looked extraordinarily handsome to her.

    It reminded her of the time she first saw him on the basketball court.

    She could barely hold herself back.

    Seeing that he would soon get into the car, an image of him walking past her with a basketball in hand suddenly appeared in her mind.

    Back then, she had opened her mouth but no words had come out as she lacked the courage to speak up.

    "Gu Nianshen."

    After more than ten years, she had finally mustered the courage to call his name out loud.

    Gu Nianshen halted by the door. Before he could lift his head, she was already next to him.

    As he looked up, Lin Yiqian's delicate face was already close to his.

    Gently, almost like how a dragonfly skipped on the surface of the water, she gave him a peck on the lips.

    The sensation was indescribably intoxicating.

    There was a certain element of beauty to it that reminded Gu Nianshen of a spring breeze, or the rainbow after a downpour, or even the warm sunlight in the middle of winter.

    Before he could react, Lin Yiqian had straightened her back and took two steps back.

    After creating some distance between them, Lin Yiqian smiled proudly. "My kiss is worth the value of thousands of pieces of gold. As the bungalow cost tens of millions, I'll be able to repay you with just a few kisses."

    As Lin Yiqian had spoken the entire sentence whilst holding her breath, she hurriedly turned around after finishing it so that Gu Nianshen would not see her blushing face.

    Realizing that her car was parked right in front of Gu Nianshen's, she walked to her car and immediately opened the door on the driver's side.

    After getting into the car, she covered her face with both hands.

    Oh god... What had she just done?

    Gu Nianshen must have been cursing at her right then. He surely looked down upon her now.

    Whilst she pondered, Gu Nianshen's car came closer until it was parked next to hers.

    Soon, the window was rolled down. "Lin Yiqian, remember that you still owe me five kisses." Gu Nianshen pointed at her.

    Then, he stepped on the accelerator as the car began to speed away.

    After being momentarily stunned, Lin Yiqian lifted her head to look at the car that was about to disappear around the corner.

    She blinked several times.

    Suddenly, her phone began to ring. It was a call from Bai Se. "I'm here at the recording studio with Xiaoyu. He's watching the television in the car." Lin Yiqian could hear him speaking through the loudspeaker.
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