357 He Really Was Shallow-Minded

    As soon as Xiaoyu was mentioned, a thought suddenly appeared in Lin Yiqian's mind.

    If Gu Nianshen was willing to have a daughter with her, did it mean he would be able to accept the son she had given birth to?

    'It's because you have good looks and you won't affect the physical attributes of my daughter...'

    He really was shallow-minded.

    Nianjia was not wrong when she said that Gu Nianshen had fallen for Lin Yiqian's good looks.

    Lin Yiqian would wait for a little while longer. Once she fully had him under her control, she would introduce Xiaoyu to him.

    That would be a safer option.

    During this period, she would allow him and Xiaoyu to interact more often so that they could form a bond together.

    That was the plan...


    Although Lin Yiqian had promised to bring Xiaoyu out for a good meal, there was a grand award ceremony in Guangdong Province.

    She had been invited as a special guest who would give out an award. In the past, Bai Se would choose to ignore such events. However, now that Lin Yiqian had invested in Super Voice, and this was the first time the provincial satellite television invited her for an event, she had no option but to participate in it.

    Therefore, her only option was to leave work early to take Xiaoyu out for dinner instead of waiting for Gu Nianshen to pick her up at the office.

    After the meal, Lin Yiqian rushed to the broadcasting station with Xiaoyu.

    The award she would be giving out was for the most popular singer of the year, which was also the fourth award to be announced.

    As soon as she arrived, Lin Yiqian made her way to the VIP section as she waited for the list of award winners to be announced.

    Most award ceremonies were alike in many ways. A few selected works of nominees would be presented on the screen, after which the final winner would be announced.

    All of the nominated singers were young singers from both the north and the south of the country.

    As Lin Yiqian was in charge of giving out the award for the most popular male singer, she felt curious about who the officials from Guangdong Province had arranged to give out the award for the female singer with her on stage.

    She had completely forgotten about this part after accepting the invitation to be part of the event. In fact, she was only reminded by Bai Se the day before that she was supposed to attend this event. Until now, she had still not truly gone through the details of the event.

    Once the list of nominees were announced, the host began to speak. "Please join me in welcoming international superstar, Catwoman, and Mega's CEO, Gu Nianshen, up on stage to reveal the winners!"


    Lin Yiqian's jaw dropped as soon as she heard Gu Nianshen's name being mentioned.

    Did she hear it wrongly? How did the fellow end up here at such a grand award ceremony as a special guest?

    In the midst of confusion, Lin Yiqian could see the figure of a familiar man appearing from one corner of the hall. He was walking elegantly in the direction of the stage.

    Having changed into a white shirt and black tuxedo pants, he seemed to glow under the stage lights.

    The audience broke into a thunderous applause.

    Lin Yiqian blinked a few times to make sure she was not hallucinating.

    It really was him!

    "Please join us, Catwoman!"

    As Lin Yiqian was stunned by what she just saw, she had still not gone up to the stage. The host was reminding her with an awkward yet polite smile such that everyone now looked at Lin Yiqian.

    As she had entered the hall without being noticed, some people had only just realized she had been sitting next to the stage the whole time.

    Seeing Catwoman in person, her fans who had bought tickets to be at the event in the last few rows in the back began screaming at the top of their lungs. Some were even whistling and howling.

    Once Lin Yiqian had recollected herself, she began to stand up calmly. After lifting the edges of her long dress slightly, she began walking onto the stage.

    Two microphones had been placed together. Gu Nianshen was already standing in front of one of them whilst Lin Yiqian approached and stood next to him in front of the other microphone.

    With a smile on her face, Lin Yiqian nodded at Gu Nianshen.

    However, Gu Nianshen did not even look at her.

    'Hmph! Being proud now, aren't we?'

    A cunning look appeared on Lin Yiqian's face. "I've heard that Mega's CEO is very much afraid of his wife. I would like to ask if that is true on behalf of everyone here today.," she said jokingly.
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