358 This Is An Exciting Question

    After hearing what Lin Yiqian said, Gu Nianshen was finally willing to turn his head around.

    As he frowned at the woman wearing a mask next to him, he could see her dark blue eyes and her provocative smile.

    He suddenly recalled that he had solicited one billion dollars from her not too long ago.

    Was she exacting revenge on him today?

    The fact that they were both extremely popular had caused everyone to lose interest in the two singers who would soon be up on stage to receive their awards.

    The members of the audience seemed to be even more interested in Gu Nianshen's reply than Lin Yiqian herself.

    All this while, the gossip about Mega's CEO and his wife had always been delivered by entertainment news channels. Some people would speak negatively about them while others spoke positively.

    However, the validity of such comments was never able to be proved.

    If Mega's CEO personally gave the answer, then it must be real.

    Right then, the entire hall had fallen into silence as everyone focused their attention on the man on stage.

    After a long while...

    It was beginning to feel awkward. The host was about to speak up to mitigate the situation when Gu Nianshen suddenly replied loudly and clearly. "That's right. My wife calls the shots at home."

    He did not seem embarrassed to admit that he was afraid of his wife.

    Then, he lifted his chin proudly as he looked toward the audience.

    Lin Yiqian remained silent.

    This fellow did not even blink when he lied.

    Gu Nianshen had even asked her to be his slave just because he had bought her a bungalow. How could he say that she called the shots?

    Once everyone in the audience heard Gu Nianshen's reply, they began complimenting him. Some were even expressing how much they envied Mrs. Gu.

    Not only was her husband kind to her, but he was also good-looking and wealthy.

    On the other hand, Lin Yiqian was cursing at Gu Nianshen in her mind. 'Such a cunning bastard. He has actually used me to boost his image as a good husband.'

    Unhappy with how Gu Nianshen lied so proudly, she proceeded to ask another question. "I would like to ask yet another question on behalf of our friends on the internet. You have revealed that you and your wife don't get along well in your daily life. Is that true?"

    This was an extremely exciting question to the audience.

    Everyone was far more interested in the answer to this question as they wanted to find out about the private life of Gu Nianshen and his wife.

    Clearly, this woman was still holding onto the grudge and was trying to get back at him with this opportunity.


    As Gu Nianshen thought of his answer, a sly smile appeared on his face. "We do it once every night. It would last the entire night. Does that count as getting along fine?" He asked with his brows raised.

    Lin Yiqian remained silent.

    'Shameless!' She exclaimed in her mind. It had only happened one time. How could he be this shameless to make a false claim that they lasted in bed the entire night?

    At first, Lin Yiqian wanted to embarrass him in public. However, she had not expected him to be this thick-skinned and was able to answer in such a straightforward way.

    In the end, Lin Yiqian was beginning to feel awkward.

    As she shifted her gaze away from Gu Nianshen, she pointed at the large screen behind her. "Let's give out the awards."

    The most popular male and female singers were both very young.

    While Lin Yiqian gave the award to the male singer, Gu Nianshen gave it to the female singer.

    Once they had both given the awards away and were about to get off the stage, the male singer suddenly called out to Lin Yiqian. "Senior Catwoman."

    Lin Yiqian stopped walking as she turned her head around confusedly.

    "May I give you a hug, Senior?" The young male singer smiled at her shyly.

    "Sure." Lin Yiqian smiled at his sincerity.

    As she turned around and walked toward him, the young male singer opened his arms widely to give her a polite hug.

    Gu Nianshen rolled his eyes at the sight. However, he did not stop walking as he proceeded to get off the stage.

    Moreover, he did not linger around at the venue.

    Since the show was still being recorded live in the studio, the backstage was pretty much empty. Gu Nianshen made his way to the backstage before entering the restroom.

    "Mommy, can we leave now?"

    Just as he was about to leave the restroom after washing his hands, he could hear the familiar voice of a child.
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