359 Catwoman Was Actually the Little Jerk’s Mother

    'Eh? Doesn't this voice belong to... the little jerk?' Gu Nianshen thought as he stopped walking. The image of Xiaoyu's plump face appeared in his mind and caused him to frown instinctively.

    Then, he took a big step forward and popped his head around the corner of the walkway.

    Gu Nianshen immediately saw the familiar figure of a kid on the right running forward with his back to him.

    The child's plump figure bounced as he ran forward, giving the impression that he might fall at any moment.

    As Gu Nianshen observed the child, he could not help but feel nervous and was tempted to reach out several times so that he could catch the child just in case he fell.

    What did the little jerk say earlier? Mommy?

    Gu Nianshen suddenly recalled whom Xiaoyu had called 'Mommy'.

    His immediate thought was that Lin Yiqian was here. Instantly, he began following Xiaoyu.

    As soon as he had taken two steps forward, a woman appeared.

    She was wearing a cat's mask that shone brightly. Apart from that, she was also wearing a white dress that clung tightly to her upper body, whilst the lower section was made of light silk fabric that flowed freely to her ankle.

    Using both hands to lift the edges of her dress, Lin Yiqian slowly jogged over to the little fellow.

    Seeing this, Gu Nianshen took two steps back to hide in the restroom so as not to be seen by Catwoman.

    As Gu Nianshen stood hidden behind the restroom's entrance, he quietly observed them.

    "Xiaoyu, why did you come out?" Lin Yiqian asked angrily in a soft voice.

    Lin Yiqian picked Xiaoyu up as she looked around to make sure nobody would discover them.

    "Mommy, when can we go home? I want to leave," Xiaoyu replied with a pout.

    'Mommy?!' Gu Nianshen's eyes widened in shock.

    Did the little jerk just call that female singer his 'mommy'?

    'My mommy is very pretty. A lot of men like her.' Gu Nianshen could not help but recall what Xiaoyu had told him when they first met.

    It occurred to him that this had happened at the airport in the capital when Catwoman came to China for the first time.

    After that, the little fellow had also appeared at Galaxy's Life Event and even interacted with Catwoman on stage.

    Not too long after, Catwoman came to Shanghai and the little fellow appeared yet again in the same city.

    'Mr. Gu, are you playing hide-and-seek with me?'

    The series of events was solid proof that the little jerk's mother really was Catwoman.

    Knowing how messed up the entertainment industry was, it was very common for celebrities to have children out of wedlock.

    However, Gu Nianshen did not know why he felt so surprised. Normally, he would not even care about gossip related to the entertainment industry as he was hardly interested in it.

    In spite of that, the thought of the perfect curvatures of Catwoman's body suddenly appeared in his mind. He also recalled her beautiful voice when she had performed at Galaxy's Life event.

    Whenever there was news about her in the media, it would involve her being indifferent to worldly affairs.

    The more Gu Nianshen thought about this, the more he found it impossible to believe that such a woman actually had a child.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian was concerned that someone might see Xiaoyu, especially since Gu Nianshen might not have left yet.

    "Go look for Uncle Bai Se, I'll bring you home very soon," she said softly next to Xiaoyu's ear.

    "Okay." Xiaoyu nodded joyfully as he could finally go home.

    Obediently, he turned around and started running off.

    Right then, Bai Se had also shown up.

    After sending the two off, Lin Yiqian turned around and began walking toward the other exit.

    With a smile on her face, she turned at the corner and disappeared.

    The hallway was now empty.

    As Gu Nianshen walked out of the restroom, he looked in the direction where Catwoman had gone.
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