363 Are You Aware of This Kids Background?

    As Gu Nianshen spoke, he bent over to remove Xiaoyu's hands from around his leg before turning around and walking into the house.

    This guy...

    Right then, Xiaoyu was finally realizing that Gu Nianshen was upset. "Mommy, does Daddy not like Xiaoyu?" He asked Lin Yiqian as he pouted sadly.

    Xiaoyu lowered his head before blinking several times as tears began to fill his eyes.

    "That's not true. Daddy will eventually like Xiaoyu." Lin Yiqian kneeled before Xiaoyu as she gently rubbed the tears away from Xiaoyu's eyelashes.

    Feeling guilty, she pulled him into her arms. After hugging him for a while, she finally brought him into the house before taking him to her room.

    Due to Gu Nianshen's indifference, the little fellow was very careful with his actions.

    After taking a bath, Xiaoyu got into the bed and tucked himself under the covers and tried to fall asleep.

    When Lin Yiqian came out of the shower and saw him in bed, she approached Xiaoyu with a smile on her face. "Xiaoyu, are you going to bed so soon?"

    She walked over and was about to sit down on the bed when Xiaoyu suddenly sat up and pushed her away. "Xiaoyu will sleep alone. Mommy, go sleep with Daddy."

    "Why?" Lin Yiqian felt hurt that Xiaoyu was pushing her away.

    He used to want to sleep with her all the time.

    Moreover, they had not been apart from each other for a very long time.

    There was an inexplicable bitterness that Lin Yiqian was feeling.

    Meanwhile, Xiaoyu lay flat on the bed as he held onto the edge of the duvet tightly. "Uncle Bai Se told me that you must inflate the balloon with Daddy. That's the only way Daddy will like Xiaoyu," he explained seriously.

    Lin Yiqian looked horrified.

    It appeared that she needed to have a proper conversation with Bai Se.

    He was definitely leading Xiaoyu astray.

    Seeing that Lin Yiqian was still not making a move, Lin Xiaoyu sat up and started pushing her away again. "Mommy, hurry up and go to Daddy. Hurry up."

    If she did not leave soon, he would get upset.

    Feeling helpless, Lin Yiqian gave in. "Fine, fine. I will leave if you sleep."

    After tucking Xiaoyu in, she stood up and began walking out of the room swiftly.


    Lin Yiqian paced around the walkway and would occasionally open the door to check if Xiaoyu had fallen asleep.

    For the first few times she did so, she found that Xiaoyu would still be playing with the duvet. However, the last time she checked, he had finally fallen asleep.

    She pushed the door open and was about to enter the room.

    Right then, Gu Nianshen happened to be coming out of the study. "What are you doing?"

    At first, Lin Yiqian planned to return to her room to sleep. When she heard Gu Nianshen's voice, she silently closed the door.

    "Xiaoyu wouldn't let me sleep in my room." She looked at Gu Nianshen who was approaching her as she leaned against the door with her back.

    She then shrugged helplessly.

    "Hehe. Weren't you keen on playing the motherly role?" Gu Nianshen smirked.

    'If he was not your son, I would not have wanted to become a mother at such a young age.' Lin Yiqian thought to herself.

    As she did not speak, it looked like she was not bothered to reply and was trying to pick a fight with Gu Nianshen.

    "Are you aware of this kid's background? Do you know what his parents do? How could you have such a big heart for him?" Gu Nianshen sounded pissed.

    If Lin Yiqian had so much energy, why did she not put more effort into planning for the birth of her own child?

    She ought to direct her motherly love through a proper channel.

    "I don't know what his parents do, but Xiaoyu looks adorable. His mother must be a beauty." Lin Yiqian shrugged confidently.

    Hearing this, Gu Nianshen suddenly thought of the woman with the mask. Her dark blue eyes seemed to have imprinted themselves in his mind.

    Her gaze would always make it appear as if she did not have any emotion.

    However, the way she smiled and the appeal of her red lips always spoke volumes about what was on her mind.
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