364 Three-Meter CEO With Great Stamina

    The more Gu Nianshen thought about Catwoman, the more she became engraved in his mind.

    Although they had only met a few times, it felt as if they had known each other for a long time.

    Lin Yiqian looked at Gu Nianshen as he appeared to be lost in thought.

    She peered her eyes as she continued to examine him confusedly.

    When Gu Nianshen came back to his senses and saw how Lin Yiqian was examining him, he felt so guilty that he lost the ability to find an excuse for himself.

    Panic-stricken, he avoided her gaze. "I don't want to see the child when I return home tomorrow night. If I do, I will bring him directly to the police." He warned loudly.

    He sounded absolutely disgusted with Xiaoyu.

    Then, he walked hurriedly past Lin Yiqian.

    As Lin Yiqian crossed her arms, she turned her head around to look at the man who was walking away. "Gu Nianshen." She mustered the courage to call out to him.

    Seeing that Gu Nianshen had stopped walking, she continued to speak jokingly. "There's been so much gossip about you in the past. What if a woman shows up with your illegitimate child one day? Would you be able to accept that?"

    Lin Yiqian sounded very calm.

    However, Gu Nianshen perceived it as her not caring whether he had been with other women at all.

    Gu Nianshen's facial expression instantly turned cold as he turned around to look at Lin Yiqian. "As long as the child isn't yours, I would be able to accept it," he replied coldly.

    With a smirk on his face, he continued to walk into his room.

    After closing the door to his room, he tugged at the collar of his shirt as the buttons came off and fell all over the place.

    However, his temper had not gone away. As he took big strides over to the couch, he picked up a cushion and tossed it against the wall.

    'What a clueless idiot!'


    Lin Yiqian kept repeating Gu Nianshen's words even in her dreams. 'As long as the child isn't yours, I would be able to accept it.'

    She had barely slept in peace when the sun came up.

    As she leaned against the bed frame, she quietly observed the little fellow who was still sleeping soundly next to her. Gently, she rubbed her fingers against his face as she smiled bitterly.

    Perhaps sensing an itch, the little fellow frowned slightly. Lin Yiqian immediately pulled her hand away.

    All of a sudden, Xiaoyu raised his hand and laid it on top of her body as his leg too rested on her stomach.

    "Mommy," he murmured softly.

    Lin Yiqian could feel as if her heart was about to melt.

    "Mommy's here." She gave him a peck on the cheek before giving him a gentle hug.

    Gradually, the little fellow began falling asleep in her arms.

    After quietly getting out of bed, Lin Yiqian brushed her teeth and felt much more energized.

    As soon as she walked out of the bathroom, she could hear someone knocking on the door.

    Wary of waking Xiaoyu up, Lin Yiqian hurriedly opened the door to find Aunt Zhou standing there with a concerned look on her face. "Little Yi, there is a lot of paparazzi outside waiting to interview you."

    Paparazzi? Here to interview her?

    Lin Yiqian raised her brows confusedly. Her immediate reaction was to check her phone to see if anything major had happened.

    If the paparazzi had made their way here, something must have been announced on the internet.

    As soon as she unlocked her phone and opened the search tab on WeChat, she could see that the top ten list of news were all related to Mega's CEO, Gu Nianshen.

    'Catwoman teases Mega's CEO, Gu Nianshen, during the award ceremony.'

    'Mr. Gu shows wife affection virtually during the award ceremony.'

    'Three-meter CEO with great stamina has a good time with his wife once every night.'

    Lin Yiqian frowned speechlessly as she fixed her gaze on this particular headline.

    Were internet media companies allowed to publish such explicit headlines these days?

    If these kinds of headlines were allowed and had even made it to the list of top searches, that must mean that certain websites were no longer being ethical.
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