365 Mr. Gu Embarrasses Himself

    Lin Yiqian did not click into the news article to read the details.

    Meanwhile, Aunt Zhou was still standing by the door as she waited for Lin Yiqian to come up with a plan.

    After closing the webpage, Lin Yiqian smiled slyly for a brief moment. "Tell them to have a seat inside. I'll come down after getting changed."

    "Little Yi, do you mean you want to let the paparazzi come in?" Aunt Zhou asked, dumbfounded.

    "Yes." Lin Yiqian nodded confidently.

    Without saying anything else, Lin Yiqian turned around and walked into the bathroom to get ready.

    She changed into a bright red dress and put on some light make-up before making her way downstairs.

    Meanwhile, the dozens of paparazzi were sitting on the couch in the living room as they looked expectantly at the second floor.

    When Lin Yiqian finally appeared, they scrambled out of their seats toward her.

    The cameras immediately began flashing as the paparazzi took photos of Lin Yiqian one after another.

    Lin Yiqian stopped just a few steps before reaching the bottom of the staircase whilst holding onto the guardrail with one hand and resting one hand against her waist.

    She randomly struck a pose with a smile on her face as her pictures were taken.

    The paparazzi were so engrossed in taking pictures of her that they had forgotten why they had come in the first place.

    This was even more pleasant to the eye than taking pictures of other major celebrities.

    After maintaining the same post for a while, Lin Yiqian lifted her hand away from her waist to flick her long hair.

    As the hair around her chest was flicked away, her beautiful collar bones and fair skin were revealed as she was wearing a V-necked dress.

    The photographers' hands were beginning to tire from pressing the capture button repeatedly.

    In spite of that, they were unwilling to miss a single shot.

    After flicking her hair, Lin Yiqian crossed her arms before speaking softly. "I wonder, why have our media friends come to visit today?"

    She sounded very polite.

    The paparazzi finally recalled why they had come.

    At the same time, it hit them that Lin Yiqian not only treated them politely by allowing them to interview her but had even invited them into her house.

    Having been in this industry for such a long time, this was the first time they had met someone so accomodating.

    Due to Lin Yiqian's kind attitude, the paparazzi were inclined to restrain themselves from being too candid with their questions.

    "Mrs. Gu, is what Mr. Gu said true about you calling the shots at home?" One of the younger female paparazzi asked politely.

    As this was the same question that other paparazzi wanted to ask, they all waited quietly for Lin Yiqian to answer.

    This was unlike how impromptu interviews were held where paparazzi would shout over each other to get their questions heard.

    Instead, it was more like a planned interview.

    Lin Yiqian shook her head as she smiled. "No. The truth is that he even asked me to carry out physical labor just because he has bought me a house. Moreover, everything that I've bought, including my clothes and accessories, I have done so with my own money."

    The paparazzi were in a state of disbelief.

    "That's not possible. How could Mr. Gu be so stingy?"

    How could a CEO with a net worth of hundreds of billions be unwilling to buy clothes and accessories for his wife?

    Lin Yiqian shrugged and smiled helplessly. "It is what it is. Everyone in the family knows that I drive a second-hand Mercedes-Benz that costs only half a million dollars."

    Although someone had once mentioned on the internet that Lin Yiqian drove a Mercedes-Benz worth half a million, it had been long forgotten.

    However, these paparazzi who spent most of their time researching gossip clearly knew better.

    "Oh my god. In that case, is what Mr. Gu said about you and him living a peaceful life together, true?" One of the paparazzi suddenly brought up the topic of their private life that Gu Nianshen had mentioned during the award ceremony he had attended.
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