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    Was it even possible for a stingy man like Gu Nianshen to get to sleep with his wife?

    According to rumors, Mrs. Gu was a very proud person.

    From the way she spoke and the way she behaved, coupled with the vibe she gave off, one could tell that she held herself to a high standard.

    Lin Yi smiled. "I usually sleep in a separate room. But I think it's okay because I know he'll figure it out one day..."

    "You sleep in separate rooms?"

    Everyone was shocked yet again.

    Their jaws had dropped.

    With such a beautiful wife, Mr. Gu must have been a saint to be able to sleep in a separate room.

    Moreover, Mrs. Gu's final sentence saying 'he'll figure it out one day' was a loaded message.

    Was she suggesting something?

    Lin Yiqian remained very calm. "There's nothing odd about this. I have something to attend to. I'm afraid I will have to end this conversation here."

    Lin Yiqian did not beat around the bush as she stood up and continued walking upstairs.

    The dozens of paparazzi were left standing there with a confused facial expression as they watched her leave.


    Two hours later, news that Mr. Gu slept in a separate room from his wife for being a miser was shared all over the internet.

    Of the various statements on the Internet, the most common one was to raise suspicion that Mr. Gu might have problems with his potency.

    That was because of the pictures of Mrs. Gu showing off her perfect curvatures in the bright red dress. She even looked like the animated female goddess, Nuwa, in a game that could only be summoned by using a VIP card.

    The way she flicked her hair was provocative enough for one to feel tempted just by looking at her still-picture.

    Any man would accept her regardless of how many past relationships she had been in. How could Gu Nianshen bear sleeping in a separate room from her?

    The first post published in the most searched section accumulated close to sixty thousand comments within one hour.

    In fact, the comments below the post were even more interesting than the main text, almost like a logic-based thriller.

    "If my wife looked this good, I wouldn't mind being tied to her at the waist every day." Netizen Peter Pan wrote.

    "Mr. Gu must be gay. Although there were many scandals about him in the past, they were all proven to be false in the end as the women had only used him to gain popularity. None of them had a substantial relationship with him." Other netizens chipped in.

    "There were rumors long ago that the few men Mr. Gu grew up with were all a little sissy. Perhaps he really is gay. "

    "His marriage may perhaps be a guise to allow him to fool around with men more conveniently. "

    There were talks about Mr. Gu being impotent to how he was actually gay.

    Others even began posting pictures of Gu Nianshen and Li Nanmu when they were together.

    In several photos, Li Nanmu glared at Gu Nianshen as if he were angry at him.

    Even the tiniest bit of detail was analyzed by the netizens.

    Li Nanmu, who had wrongly received criticism, felt very confused. Messages were also being spammed in the 'Big Boss' group.

    "Come out, Gu Nianshen, we need to talk. "

    This was the fifth time Li Nanmu tagged Gu Nianshen in the group.

    However, Gu Nianshen still ignored him.

    Li Nanmu felt he had been wrongly accused. "Nevermind that Mr. Gu had turned from three-meter male to now being impotent, what did I do to deserve all those comments? "

    "It's horrifying. We've all now become Gu Nianshen's bottoms." Qin Feng added.

    "In actual fact, he has always been the one taking money away from me, usually in millions. My mother has even frozen my bank account." Li Nanmu wrote.

    Qin Feng added. "Exactly. Dominant top, please provide for us financially."

    Right then, Qi Wuyue had also come online.

    "I can introduce a very reliable doctor who specializes in male potency. I guarantee that he won't reveal any patient's information." Li Nanmu wrote.

    His message immediately brought everyone back to the topic of whether Gu Nianshen was impotent. "It stands to reason that when a normal man meets a woman like Lin Yiqian, he would feel a physical attraction regardless of whether he liked her emotionally or not. Nianshen, do you really have a problem down there? " Li Nanmu wrote.
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