370 Daddy Is Not An Outsider

    Lin Xiaoyu's mouth was stuffed with food as he looked around at both sides curiously.

    When the ladies stood up, their pants were so short that Xiaoyu could see a part of their buttocks.

    Lin Yiqian's facial expression immediately turned gloomy as she charged over angrily. When the ladies saw her, they immediately stopped dancing.

    As Lin Yiqian walked past them, she did not even look at them as she directly approached Xiaoyu before bending down and picking him up.

    Without even stopping, she immediately turned around and was about to leave.

    Her sudden appearance gave Xiaoyu a terrible shock as he was unsure of what was happening.

    He could sense that Lin Yiqian was upset.

    As he stared at her face, he began to study her facial expression carefully.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian continued to ignore him. Feeling restless, Xiaoyu lifted his hands to Lin Yiqian's face. "Mommy."

    After giving Lin Yiqian a big kiss on the lips, he patted her on the face.

    Xiaoyu was trying very hard to make Lin Yiqian respond to him so that he could ease his mind.

    However, Lin Yiqian continued to appear serious as she held his tiny hand in hers. "Didn't Mommy tell you to wait for me in the office? Why did you walk off with someone else?"

    "Daddy came to pick me up. Daddy isn't an outsider." Xiaoyu retorted with a pout.

    He reached out with his other hand to gently pinch Lin Yiqian's earlobe.

    Whenever he did this, it meant he was feeling frightened.

    If Lin Yiqian continued to reprimand him, he would definitely start crying.

    Thus, Lin Yiqian toned down her voice despite sounding serious all the same. "Regardless of who comes to pick you up next time, you must inform Mommy before heading off. Do you understand? If you don't, Mommy would be very worried."

    Lin Yiqian did not sound as angry as she did before.

    The little fellow could finally relax as he nodded obediently. "Alright. I understand."

    With a wide smile on his face, Xiaoyu circled his arms around Lin Yiqian's neck.

    Lin Yiqian knew that he was still feeling insecure, which was why he was still trying to express his apology to make her feel better. He would only be able to feel secure after seeing her smile.

    "Smarty-pants." Lin Yiqian chuckled as she gave him a gentle smack on his buttocks.

    Xiaoyu cheerfully rubbed his head against her neck.

    Right then, Lin Yiqian noticed that all sounds had ceased on the basketball court, which made her feel somewhat curious.

    When she turned her head around, she realized that the group of men including Gu Nianshen was walking toward her. When she noticed Gu Nianshen who stood out amongst the group, she immediately turned her face away.

    She refused to look at them.

    "Hey, our sister-in-law is here," Li Nanmu greeted Lin Yiqian in a playful manner as he approached her with hastened footsteps.

    His gaze shifted from Lin Yiqian to Xiaoyu. When he saw Xiaoyu's plump face, he could not resist pinching his cheeks. "This kid seems to fit perfectly with you two taking care of him. Why don't you two have one of your own soon?"

    As Li Nanmu spoke, he turned around to look at Gu Nianshen.

    However, as if suddenly remembering something, he looked apologetically at Gu Nianshen. "Oh, right. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to add salt to your wound."

    Everyone could immediately guess what 'wound' Li Nanmu was referring to.

    By now, there were rumors all over the internet of Mr. Gu being gay, impotent, and not being able to sleep with his wife as a result.

    How could he possibly have a child?

    It would have been better if Li Nanmu did not apologize. As soon as he did so, everyone began laughing along heartlessly.

    Qin Feng placed a hand on Li Nanmu's shoulder as he teased him. "Li Nanmu, you're very naughty. Aren't you worried that Gu Nianshen might abandon the competition?"

    Li Nanmu did not appear frightened at all. "If he does, I will prove to the world that he really is gay. After all, I grew up with him. That's the best proof."
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