371 Ill Call Them Daddies If They Give Me Money

    After all these years of silent suffering, Li Nanmu could finally speak up against Gu Nianshen.

    Nobody knew how many times he had been bullied by Gu Nianshen and that he had to suck it up.

    At last, he could have his sweet revenge.

    As everyone else was only observers, they began laughing out loud after hearing what Li Nanmu had said.

    Meanwhile, Qin Feng patted Li Nanmu on his shoulders. "Master Li, you truly are willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of damaging others."

    Then, Qin Feng looked at the others as they all began laughing unceasingly.

    Lin Xiaoyu seemed confused as to why the men were all laughing. However, he laughed along as everyone found the joke to be funny.

    Xiaoyu was laughing so hard that he could hardly stop his shoulders from shaking.

    His loud chuckling sound was so exaggerated that Lin Yiqian's mouth began to twitch.

    Why was this little fellow copying the others? Could he not tell that Gu Nianshen was already very upset?

    If a person's gaze could kill someone, Li Nanmu would have been killed by Gu Nianshen long ago.

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen could not be bothered by what the others were saying.

    As he took two large steps toward Lin Yiqian, he reached for Lin Xiaoyu and took him away from Lin Yiqian.

    "Let's go home."

    Gu Nianshen was still holding Xiaoyu with one arm as he walked angrily to the changing room.

    Some of them began to worry as they saw him walking away. "Nianshen."

    However, Gu Nianshen pretended as if he had not heard his name and continued to walk away.

    When Lin Yiqian was about to go after Gu Nianshen, Li Nanmu immediately stepped in front of her and stopped her. "Lin Yiqian, do you think we can beat those bastards from Fu Zhong?"

    Before Lin Yiqian could answer him, he waved at the group of attractive ladies.

    The group of ladies immediately ran over to him. Two of them even wrapped their hands around his arms, one on each side. "Master Li, how did we dance today?"

    "You were all wonderful," he said very politely.

    In fact, he even patted one of them on the head affectionately, almost as if he were doing it to a child.

    Li Nanmu then looked at Lin Yiqian proudly. "What do you think, Sister-in-law? The cheerleaders I've hired will definitely cause those bastards from Fu Zhong to lose."

    "Hehe!" Lin Yiqian chuckled without even looking at the group of women.

    She had chuckled in a sarcastic way.

    Without Gu Nianshen, everyone else in Black Horse was unable to accomplish anything on their own.

    That was because Gu Nianshen was the core of their team.

    Therefore, Lin Yiqian believed that they should hurry up and make it up to her husband instead of trying to please a group of women who have no practical use.

    Unwilling to pay any more attention to them, Lin Yiqian began walking away.

    However, she was stopped by Li Nanmu yet again. "Join the Black Horse's cheerleaders. I'll make you their captain."

    Li Nanmu had spoken as if it was a proud thing to become the captain of their cheerleading team.

    After having walked off for some time, Gu Nianshen realized that Lin Yiqian had not caught up with him. When he turned around, he saw that Lin Yiqian was still being held up by Li Nanmu.

    With a frown and a darkened facial expression, he began walking back.

    "I think Master Li would be more fitted to become the captain of the cheerleading team," Li Nanmu said after looking at Li Nanmu from head to toe.

    Her calmly spoken words immediately caused everyone to burst into laughter.

    Right then, an angry voice could suddenly be heard. "Damn. The bastards from Fu Zhong are being way too obnoxious. They have even published a post saying that we, the Black Horse, would be defeated and that we would have to call them our daddies."

    Li Nanmu did not seem angered by what he heard. "If they give me ten million dollars every month, I wouldn't mind calling them daddies." He shrugged.
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