372 Get Nianshen To Invite Catwoman

    The person continued to read out the news as he kept his gaze on the phone. "They spent a large sum of money to hire Liang Yue as their cheerleading."

    Liang Yue, who won the best actress award at the age of sixteen and had graduated from a dance academy, was one of the most popular young celebrities around.

    None of them believed that a team formed by a couple of school alumni would be able to get someone like her to be their cheerleader.

    "Let them blow their own trumpets. Liang Yue is my goddess and she wouldn't even endorse brands that are not of the top tier. I doubt those kids from Fu Zhong would be able to hire her. They'd better not insult my goddess."

    "Exactly. They are all talk and no action."

    Meanwhile, Li Nanmu did not involve himself in this discussion of whether the news was true or fake. Besides, so what if it was true?

    He raised his chin proudly. "Why are you all making a fuss? When have we ever lost anyway? Once we claim victory, we'll get Gu Nianshen to invite Catwoman to celebrate with us."

    'Oh?' Lin Yiqian raised her brows in surprise as she looked at Li Nanmu.

    Coincidentally, Li Nanmu was also looking her way. It was obvious he had done it on purpose.

    However, he pretended to not have seen Lin Yiqian's reaction. "Nianshen and Catwoman have a very close relationship behind closed doors."

    As Li Nanmu spoke, he even gestured with both hands to indicate how intimate the relationship was between them.

    Right then, Gu Nianshen had arrived with Xiaoyu. "Nianshen, aren't you very close to Catwoman?" Li Nanmu raised his brows as he smiled at Gu Nianshen.

    What was Gu Nianshen waiting for? This was the best moment to take Lin Yiqian off of her high horse.

    "Is that so?" Lin Yiqian turned to face Gu Nianshen as she too raised her brows.

    "Nope. Not at all." Gu Nianshen immediately shook his head before looking down with a barely noticeable glimpse of guilt in his eyes.

    In truth, he did not know Catwoman very well. However, for some unknown reason, he could not help but think about Catwoman's red lips and dark blue eyes when her name was mentioned.

    They felt strangely familiar to him, as if he had seen them somewhere in the past.

    The worst part was that Gu Nianshen did not dislike Catwoman.

    Feeling dejected by Gu Nianshen's response, Li Nanmu continued to press on. "During Life's Galaxy show, you have even spent time drinking with Catwoman all by yourself until you got drunk. Last night, the two of you teased each other on stage. Who would believe that you two aren't close to each other?"

    "Fret not. You'll only have to invite her. The rest of us will pay for everything. Having a meal and also close contact with Catwoman will still be worth it," Li Nanmu added as he turned to look at the rest.

    Qin Feng was the first to agree. "That's right, Nianshen. We would all like to experience close contact with Catwoman in person. Besides, if the kids from Fu Zhong really managed to hire Liang Yue, it would only put them to shame if we get Catwoman to join us."

    The rest of the group nodded in agreement.

    They were all already looking forward to it happening.

    Meanwhile, Lin Xiaoyu, still resting against Gu Nianshen's shoulder, overheard what Li Nanmu and others were talking about and began to frown. "Mommy, they are talking about..." Xiaoyu pursed his lips before he started speaking.

    Lin Yiqian was quick-witted enough to realize what Xiaoyu was about to say.

    She immediately cut Xiaoyu off. "Children shouldn't interrupt when adults are speaking."

    As she spoke, she reached for Xiaoyu and snatched him away from Gu Nianshen.

    Right then, Xiaoyu suddenly recalled what Lin Yiqian had told him before as he obediently covered his mouth with his hands.

    He had nearly exposed his mother's secret identity. If he had done so, Lin Yiqian would no longer be able to take him out for ice-cream or to shop for toys. They would only be able to hide at home every single day.

    Lin Yiqian immediately started walking off with Xiaoyu in her arms.
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