373 I’m Her Ideal Match!

    Even without saying a word to anyone and wearing only a simple dress, Lin Yiqian still emanated an aura of pride and elegance.

    Like before, she made other people feel that she was way out of reach but still as desirable as ever.

    However, none of the men could understand how Gu Nianshen had fallen for her for real.

    "I admit that Lin Yiqian really is amazing."

    Li Nanmu shifted his gaze to Gu Nianshen. "Because even a proud man like you couldn't help but fall for her."

    Li Nanmu's words reminded Gu Nianshen that Lin Yiqian used to be pursued by countless other men.

    The men who stood before him, in particular, used to talk about Lin Yiqian and dissed her in many ways.

    In the past, he was in no place to make any remark and therefore had to bite his tongue.

    However, Lin Yiqian was now officially his wife.

    He could finally claim her proudly and openly.

    With his chest lifted, Gu Nianshen looked down at Li Nanmu. "How could you possibly understand? You are merely a man who craves for a woman you are not worthy of. I'm her ideal match!"

    Then, Gu Nianshen turned around and left as he snorted.

    "Ideal match?" Li Nanmu finally reacted after Gu Nianshen had walked far away. "Did I hear that right?"

    He turned his head around to look at Qin Feng before blinking several times.

    Qin Feng shrugged. "Yes, you did. Gu Nianshen just said that he is Lin Yiqian's ideal match while you are merely a man who craves for a woman you are not worthy of."

    Li Nanmu was focused on Gu Nianshen's phrase, 'ideal match'.

    "Does this mean he has really fallen for Lin Yiqian?" Li Nanmu tutted as he looked in Gu Nianshen's direction.

    "It must be real. I have never seen him being this devoted to Xi Xia," Qin Feng said.

    "I'm afraid we are all fools." Qi Wuyue, who had been quiet this whole time, suddenly spoke sarcastically.

    "What do you mean?" Li Nanmu and Qin Feng both felt curious.

    However, Qi Wuyue ignored them. "Nothing, you idiots."

    Then, he too looked solemn as he began walking away.

    With people walking off, their practice had clearly come to an end. The rest of the group began bidding each other farewell as they proceeded to leave.

    "Hey..." Li Nanmu suddenly began to worry when he saw everyone leaving.

    As Qi Wuyue was ignoring him, Li Nanmu turned to look in Gu Nianshen's direction. Why was everyone leaving when they had not even finalized their game plan?

    He immediately started shouting at Gu Nianshen from behind. "Nianshen, remember to contact Catwoman. We're gonna have a huge feast to celebrate our victory. Also, the new jerseys have been delivered to your house. You can now enjoy wearing a matching outfit with your wife."

    Li Nanmu then shouted after the rest of the group.


    As Lin Yiqian had already walked very far away, Gu Nianshen had to jog to catch up.

    By the time he was two to three steps away from Lin Yiqian, he began slowing down.

    Gu Nianshen then winked at Lin Xiaoyu who was leaning over Lin Yiqian's shoulder and had noticed him.

    Lin Xiaoyu immediately caught the hint as he patted Lin Yiqian lightly on her shoulder. "Mommy, Daddy is here."

    Although Lin Yiqian was aware that Gu Nianshen was behind her, she neither turned her head around nor responded to Xiaoyu.

    Instead, she began walking even faster toward where she had parked her car.

    As soon as she got close to her car, she retrieved the keys to unlock it before getting Xiaoyu into the backseat.

    Gu Nianshen took the opportunity to get into the car from the driver's side.

    "Mr. Gu, what are you doing?" Lin Yiqian asked.

    "I want to do..." Gu Nianshen paused before glancing at Xiaoyu who sat obediently in the back. He then frowned as he returned his gaze to Lin Yiqian. "You've caused trouble by framing me with multiple false accusations and you're the only person who can undo them."
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