374 Forget Those Big Sisters

    The way Gu Nianshen had spoken, especially when he glanced at Xiaoyu earlier, sounded threatening.

    However, Lin Yiqian did not take him seriously. "I did not do anything wrong. Whatever I've said, I was only speaking the truth and doing the right thing." She shrugged.

    There was a sly expression on her face.

    Gu Nianshen smiled slightly. "Me too. If I am to do the right thing, I must carry out my promises."

    "That's why the stuff I said about doing it once every night..." Gu Nianshen continued after a pause.

    His voice was getting louder.

    Meanwhile, Xiaoyu looked at them curiously from the back of the car.

    "Gu Nianshen, that's enough." Lin Yiqian hurriedly stopped him.

    After giving Gu Nianshen a look of warning, Lin Yiqian opened the door and got into the car as she sat next to Xiaoyu.


    She had shut the door.

    As Gu Nianshen turned his head around, Lin Yiqian caught his gaze. "Childish!"

    "Hahaha..." Xiaoyu began laughing loudly.

    Gu Nianshen and Lin Yiqian could not understand why he was laughing as they both turned to look at him confusedly.

    "Daddy is already a grown man, but Mommy still called him a baby. Are Daddy and Xiaoyu both babies to Mommy?" Xiaoyu asked before blinking and looking at Lin Yiqian innocently.

    Lin Yiqian remained silent.

    Should she pay more attention to this little jerk's level of comprehension?

    Other people's children were mostly geniuses, but why was Xiaoyu still so naive? He was not adorable at all.

    "Chief Lin, are you in such a hurry? Already calling me that?" Gu Nianshen raised his brows at Lin Yiqian.

    As he spoke, he placed one arm on the steering wheel before resting his face against it. He then looked at Lin Yiqian with a barely visible smile.

    Right then, his eyes were like great oceans with bottomless depth.

    Lin Yiqian seemed shocked.

    She was unsure about whether she should say something vulgar.

    Was Gu Nianshen not ashamed about taking advantage of a topic brought up by a child?

    Why had Lin Yiqian never noticed that this fellow was so thick-skinned?

    "Start driving!" Lin Yiqian gritted her teeth as she did not want to say anything vulgar in front of Xiaoyu.

    "Oh!" Gu Nianshen replied.

    'I will drive you when we get home.' He thought.


    As soon as they got home, Lin Yiqian carried Xiaoyu into the house in his arms. "Have you eaten?" Lin Yiqian asked after realizing that they had not had dinner.

    "Yeah, the uncles have bought a lot of delicious food. I shared them with many beautiful elder sisters." Xiaoyu nodded.

    As Xiaoyu spoke, he licked his lips as if he was savoring the taste of the food earlier.

    He then made a blissful expression.

    'Many beautiful elder sisters...' Lin Yiqian repeated in her mind.

    Xiaoyu must have been referring to the cheerleaders who wore very revealing clothes.

    With a darkened expression, Lin Yiqian looked at Xiaoyu. "Forget about those elder sisters. Are they more pretty than I am?"

    "Mommy is pretty. But the elder sisters are very sexy."

    After thinking for a moment, Xiaoyu continued to speak confidently. "I remember that's what the uncles have said."

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

    Coincidentally, Gu Nianshen had made his way into the house. Lin Yiqian immediately gave him an angry stare.

    Without saying a word, Lin Yiqian turned her head around and began walking upstairs.

    As Gu Nianshen did not know what had happened before he had entered the house, all he saw was Lin Yiqian glaring at him angrily.

    Feeling a little confused, he watched as Lin Yiqian stormed off.
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