375 A Shameless Jerk

    This idiot was making it more difficult for Gu Nianshen to understand her.


    The first thing Lin Yiqian did after getting upstairs was to give Xiaoyu a bath.

    After the bath, the little fellow got dressed on his own and obediently climbed into bed. He then pulled the covers over himself just like he did the night before.

    Having tucked himself into bed, he looked at Lin Yiqian who was walking toward the bed. "Mommy, you can't sleep with Xiaoyu here tonight."

    "Why?" Lin Yiqian frowned.

    Although she used to wish that he would sleep on his own, she was now feeling disappointment when he finally suggested it.

    There was a conflicting feeling of insecurity. Despite hoping that Xiaoyu and Gu Nianshen would bond, Lin Yiqian was afraid that the relationship between father and son would be closer than Xiaoyu and hers.

    "Mommy is Daddy's wife, while I am someone else's husband. It would be inappropriate for us to sleep together. My wife might get jealous," Lin Xiaoyu said solemnly.

    Lin Yiqian could not help but chuckle when she heard what Xiaoyu said.

    "Where is your wife?" She asked.

    Xiaoyu had spoken as if he actually had a wife.

    "My wife is very beautiful. In fact, she will even have a lot of beautiful babies with me."

    He sounded as if he could already imagine what his wife looked like. After finishing his sentence, he covered his mouth and was smiling from ear to ear.

    Lin Yiqian was unable to stop herself from chuckling.

    Xiaoyu was not even a father yet and he was already inflating his own ego...

    What had Gu Nianshen done to him after spending only a few hours together?

    Xiaoyu first talked about pretty and sexy elder sisters then moved on to a beautiful wife and was now already mentioning Lin Yiqian's future grandchildren.

    As Lin Yiqian remained silent whilst standing next to the bed, Xiaoyu began pushing her away. "I don't want to sleep with Mommy. Uncle Bai Se said that you have to blow a balloon with Daddy and I can't get in the way."

    She felt speechless.

    Indeed, she should never have allowed a man to bring Xiaoyu up. He was far too easily influenced.

    Lin Yiqian turned to look at Xiaoyu seriously. "Mommy won't sleep with you here. But you must promise that you will forget whatever Uncle Bai Se told you because everything he said was wrong."

    "Oh." Xiaoyu immediately nodded when he saw how serious Lin Yiqian looked.

    "Alright then, hurry up and sleep. I'll leave once you fall asleep." Lin Yiqian smiled as she patted Xiaoyu's chest gently.

    "No, Mommy. You have to leave first. I don't want you to stay with me here. Daddy says that I am a big guy and should learn to be independent. That's the only way I can protect my beautiful wife in the future." Xiaoyu shook his head.

    Lin Yiqian was lost for words.

    'Gu Nianshen, you jerk!' She thought.

    In order to get his way, he was willing to take advantage of his own son. He was utterly shameless.

    Lin Yiqian could not believe that he had brain-washed their child in just one afternoon.

    However, she bit her lower lip as she tried to control her temper. "In that case, Mommy won't stay with you any longer. Be a good boy and sleep," she uttered softly.

    "Okay. I will sleep right away." Xiaoyu nodded as he obediently closed his eyes.

    Lin Yiqian kept her promise as she stood up and left the room with the door closed behind her.

    "This cunning fellow." Her gaze shifted to Gu Nianshen's room that was across the hallway.

    Initially, Lin Yiqian had only wanted to exact revenge on him. However, she did not expect him to go all out just to get what he wanted.

    Indeed, he was a proud man. All he cared about was his reputation and pride. Morality was decidedly a foreign concept to him.

    As she gritted her teeth, Lin Yiqian walked over to Gu Nianshen's room. Without knocking on the door, she directly opened the door and let herself in.

    It was so quiet in the room that she barely heard any sound. After entering and seeing that nobody was around, she continued to walk further into the bedroom.
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