380 Its Been A While Since We Last Me

    At first, it was only supposed to be a friendly match between two groups of alumni from different schools. However, it had unexpectedly gained popularity online and garnered the attention of a much larger audience.

    To everyone's surprise, several celebrities had actually shown up to the match.

    The ambiance within the hall was comparable to that of an NBA match.

    To keep things in order within the sports stadium, tickets were sold at the entrance in short notice to limit the number of people entering.

    As soon as the ticketing system was made available online, the tickets were sold out within minutes. Most of the purchases were made by citizens from Shanghai and surrounding cities.

    The basketball match between Yi Gao and Fu Zhong highschool teams was being broadcast live on all television channels within the country.

    However, the main reason that the competition got so popular was because of the looks of the players on both teams. On one hand, there were Gu Nianshen and Qi Wuyue from Yi Gao. On the other hand, the players from Fu Zhong were also rumored to be very good-looking.

    Were men all good-looking these days?

    As Lin Yiqian drove, she continued to listen to the radio. Her expectations rose when she heard the announcer saying how the basketball players from Fu Zhong were all handsome.

    After all, people who were eye candies would always make the match much more interesting.

    "I'm sorry but cars are not allowed inside."

    After entering the stadium, they would still need to walk a great distance to get to hall number four. Not only was it hot outside, but there were also a large number of people. If Lin Yiqian attempted to walk there with Xiaoyu, they would attract a lot of unwanted attention.

    Looking at the crowd around her and then glancing at Xiaoyu who sat in the back of the car, Lin Yiqian decided to give Gu Nianshen a call.

    He would definitely be able to solve this.

    After making the call, she waited for a while before a notification popped up which indicated that Gu Nianshen was on another call.

    Suddenly, the honking of the car behind her could be heard. When she turned her head around, she saw a red car parked behind her car. The driver was probably asking her to hurry up.

    However, there was nothing Lin Yiqian could do if she was being refused entry to the stadium.

    Worried that Xiaoyu would be woken up by the honking, Lin Yiqian decided to get out of the car to explain the situation to the driver behind her.

    A senior security staff stood in her way right then. "Miss, you can't leave your car here. You're blocking the way of the car behind you. Please move your vehicle."

    "Didn't you say that cars were not allowed inside?" Lin Yiqian fumed.

    If she could not go in, why were other cars able to?

    That was not fair at all.

    "I'm really sorry. The car behind belongs to one of the players' family. That's why it's allowed inside." The security staff began explaining apologetically.

    "I am too..." Lin Yiqian began to speak. However, before she could finish her sentence, a familiar voice could be heard from behind her.

    "Little Yi." It was a very gentle voice which almost sounded sickly.

    Lin Yiqian immediately froze as she reached for the door handle of her car. She was holding onto the handle so tightly that the tips of her fingers were turning white without her being aware of it.

    Like her fingers, her face seemed pale.

    Without turning her head around, Lin Yiqian could feel the movement of a weaker person getting closer to her.

    "It's been a long time since we last met."

    Although it was a very calm greeting, Lin Yiqian could feel her heart beating.

    She was trying very hard to calm herself down.

    With the rehearsed line in her head which she had run through countless times, she turned her head around.

    However, her effort did not pay off.

    Her fingers immediately tightened further as her other hand curled into a fist. The nails on her fingers which wrapped around the door handle were nearly breaking off from the pressure.

    Under the sunlight, the lady in front of Lin Yiqian seemed much paler in comparison as she tried to keep calm but a cheerful smile on her face.

    As she was far too thin, the white jersey she wore seemed very loose on her. Perhaps worried that her body might be exposed, she also wore white suspenders on the inside.

    Her long black hair did not seem to have changed despite her being ill. She looked exactly as she did years ago, simple and pure.

    The number 'one' sewn within the black horse logo near her left chest was an absolute eyesore to Lin Yiqian.
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