381 My Husband Has A Winning Streak

    Lin Yiqian held her breath as she hurriedly shifted her gaze away.

    She dared not breathe for fear that her emotions would be uncovered.

    'The car behind you belongs to one of the players' families. That's why it's allowed to enter...'

    Lin Yiqian finally understood that Xi Xia was one of the family members.

    Seeing how Lin Yiqian had remained silent, Xi Xia took two steps forward. "I'm very sorry that I couldn't be there for you and Gu Nianshen's wedding."

    Xi Xia sounded genuinely apologetic.

    However, perhaps out of small-mindedness, or perhaps Lin Yiqian had always envied Xi Xia, she felt that Xi Xia was being pretentious. Trying hard to suppress her emotions, Lin Yiqian turned around and shook her head at Xi Xia as she smiled. "It's alright. The wedding was only the formalization of our marriage anyway."

    Lin Yiqian could finally relate to how internet users felt when they insulted other people online.

    Sometimes, it was more difficult to acknowledge good things about other people, especially if they were your rival in romance.

    Xi Xia chuckled as she changed the topic. "Why aren't you going inside?" She asked while pointing a finger at Lin Yiqian's car.

    Lin Yiqian felt the irony as she pondered whether she should tell the truth that the security staff would not let her in.

    The security staff did not need to ask and immediately knew that Xi Xia's car belonged to one of the players' family members. Clearly, her car registration number had been made known to the security staff long ago.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian's car was not even recognized.

    'Hehe!' Lin Yiqian chuckled to herself. This clearly meant that Xi Xia held a more important position in Gu Nianshen's heart than she did.

    "There are too many people here at the stadium today. For reasons of security, we are not allowing the cars of the general audience inside," the security staff immediately responded.

    "What do you mean by the 'general audience'? This car belongs to Gu..." Xi Xia began to speak with a frown.

    Lin Yiqian knew that Xi Xia was going to mention who she was. Right then, pride and honor were the only things Lin Yiqian had left.

    Lin Yiqian decided she would stop Xi Xia from continuing.

    Suddenly, the roaring sound of a motorcycle's engine could be heard getting closer. As soon as Lin Yiqian heard it, she noticed a blue BMW motorcycle. It was heading her way and soon stopped right beside her.

    The man riding it was wearing a black basketball jersey. There was a symbol of a flag on his left chest. Meanwhile, he also had a white wrist protector around his wrist.

    After turning the engine off, he lifted the visor of his helmet to reveal his oval-shaped eyes. There was a sly smirk on his face.

    "Chief Lin," he called out in a familiar way.

    Fang Heyang's sudden appearance was a life-saver to Lin Yiqian.

    "I can't believe you look rather dashing in a basketball jersey," Lin Yiqian teased as she took a quick scan of his outfit.

    "What do you mean? I've always looked dashing." Fang Heyang frowned unpleasantly.

    As he spoke, he began to remove his helmet.

    Right then, Lin Yiqian noticed that he had changed his hairstyle. It was now of a short length. In fact, he was even wearing a silver earring on his right earlobe.

    In general, he looked much more like a playboy.

    With the helmet still in his hands, he leaned forward and rested his elbows against the motorcycle. "Chief Lin, I'm going to say this upfront. I won't go easy on your husband just because you're here." He looked lazily at Lin Yiqian.

    Right then, the word 'husband' felt very sarcastic to Lin Yiqian.

    However, she refused to embarrass herself in front of Xi Xia. "Just play your best. My husband has a winning streak anyway," she said, proudly.

    When Lin Yiqian said the word 'husband', she made sure to raise her voice.

    Then, she stole a glance at Xi Xia.

    Despite it being a very minor action, Fang Heyang still noticed it.

    He then shifted his gaze to Xi Xia and saw the number 'one' printed on her jersey, causing his facial expression to change almost instantly.
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