382 Cheer For Me On The Basketball Court, Chief Lin

    Fang Heyang immediately knew what was going on.

    "Why are you still standing here?" He turned to look at Lin Yiqian with a smile.

    There were promotional images of players plastered all over the stadium. Therefore, the security staff was able to immediately identify Fang Heyang as one of the players.

    At first, it was Xi Xia. Now, it was one of the players.

    The security staff was beginning to panic as he wondered if he had stood in the way of someone he should not.

    Hurriedly, he approached Fang Heyang. "You must be one of the players from Fu Zhong. Do you recognize this lady?"

    The security staff chuckled as he pointed a finger at Lin Yiqian whilst asking the question.

    By now, Fang Heyang had already figured out roughly what was going on. He knew that Lin Yiqian had been stopped from entering the stadium.

    "Are you from the Stoneage? Don't you recognize Mrs. Gu?" Fang Heyang's voice had turned cold.

    Hearing this, the eyes of the security staff and his colleague nearby immediately widened in fear as they looked at Lin Yiqian's face.

    After examining her for a while, they realized that she really was Mrs. Gu herself.

    "Mrs... Mrs. Gu." The security staff immediately apologized, "I am very sorry. The crowd was too large and I did not pay attention."

    Being addressed as Mrs. Gu made Lin Yiqian feel both hurt and pleased at the same time.

    She felt hurt because her identity as Mrs. Gu was merely a facade. However, what made her feel pleased was that she knew it would affect Xi Xia.

    That was who Lin Yiqian really was. She simply could not bear letting her rival in romance win.

    "It's alright. I didn't introduce myself before." Lin Yiqian shook her head at the security staff.

    After finishing her sentence, she got into her car without saying a word and pressed a button to shut the window.

    The window began moving upward slowly.

    Meanwhile, Fang Heyang waved at her with a cheeky smile. "Chief Lin, remember to cheer for me on the basketball court."

    Lin Yiqian ignored him as she took a glance at the rearview mirror. Xi Xia was still standing on the same spot and was looking her way.

    Right then, she noticed Xi Xia's jersey yet again which made Lin Yiqian feel uncomfortable yet again.

    Lin Yiqian could no longer control her emotions as tears welled up in her eyes.

    As the window of the car had not fully closed, Fang Heyang was able to catch sight of Lin Yiqian tearing up.

    He straightened his back before putting his helmet on.

    As the engine of his motorcycle roared, he sped past Lin Yiqian into the stadium.

    Not long after, the blue motorcycle had disappeared completely.

    As outsiders were not allowed to park their cars inside the stadium, there were still many empty spaces in the parking lot. Lin Yiqian randomly picked one to park her car.

    Once the car came to a complete halt, Lin Yiqian sighed as she leaned against the steering wheel. Coincidentally, her gaze landed on the passenger seat.

    A white jersey was placed on the seat.

    'The basketball match will take place the day after tomorrow. You must wear the jersey and observe the match. I'm going to invite the paparazzi...'

    Every single time, Lin Yiqian would experience a rude awakening when she met Xi Xia. She would realize how silly it was of her to get her hopes up.

    As her tears rolled down her cheeks, Lin Yiqian covered her mouth to stop herself from waking Xiaoyu up.

    However, she could not control the surge of emotions any longer. Reaching for the jersey, she opened the door and began walking to the nearest dustbin next to a pillar.


    Once the safety crew had completed their job, the basketball players began to enter the hall.

    Whilst the players from Fu Zhong wore black jerseys, Gu Nianshen and his team were in white ones. Apart from Li Nanmu, everyone else was at least 185cm and above in height.

    The two teams entered from opposite sides of the hall.
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