387 I Am Too Shy To Be Naked


    'Xi Xia, this bracelet is so pretty.'

    'It's a gift for my eighteenth birthday.'

    'Who's it from?'

    An embarrassed smile appeared on the girl's face. Everyone around her immediately knew the answer.

    They were all gushing over her.

    At that moment, Lin Yiqian had finally made up her mind. She had bet everything on that final decision to leave. At first, she thought she would have no regrets. However, over the last five years, she had never once been able to get that young man in jersey number 'one' out of her mind.

    She could never forget the obnoxious look he gave her when they first met.

    Like a magic spell, Lin Yiqian had haplessly allowed herself to be tortured by life, the time that passed by her, and herself.

    No matter what she did, she simply could not break free from the spell. Her only option was to continue liking him and thinking about him. That was the only way she could live a normal life.

    Gradually, she came to accept that Gu Nianshen would never like her. Although she constantly reminded herself that he and Xi Xia were having a romantic life together back in their home country, and it always hurt her, she eventually became used to it.

    However, at such a moment, fate dug a pit of fire for her. As the source of the fire was Gu Nianshen, Lin Yiqian was willing to let it burn her regardless of how badly injured she became.

    She willingly accepted it.

    Hence, what right did she have to complain to herself?

    For Lin Yiqian, it would be better to remain proud than to resent her feelings.

    After being enlightened by her own extremity, she finally sat upright.

    Her arms were in pain from being pressed so tightly against the steering wheel and they had become swollen.

    She began massaging her arms with her hands.

    "Mommy, has the match begun?" Xiaoyu had woken up.

    As he still sounded sleepy, Lin Yiqian immediately felt her chest tightening.

    When she turned her head around, she caught sight of Xiaoyu yawning as his eyes peered together. Drops of tears had formed around his eyes from yawning.

    They shone brightly almost like stars.

    Lin Yiqian felt as if her heart was melting. "It has started." She nodded at him with a smile.

    When Xiaoyu heard this, the sleepiness in him instantly faded away. "Let's go and watch!"

    He reached for the door handle excitedly.

    "Xiaoyu." Lin Yiqian's smile froze as she noticed the number 'one' jersey Xiaoyu was wearing.

    The tone of her voice had changed.

    As Xiaoyu could pick that up, he turned around and looked at Lin Yiqian confusedly. "Mommy, aren't we going to watch Daddy play?"

    "Yes, we are." Lin Yiqian smiled once more as she looked down at Xiaoyu's jersey. "However, Xiaoyu must take off the jersey you are wearing."

    "Why?" Xiaoyu instinctively wanted to refuse her command as he hugged himself tightly. "I don't want to be naked. My wife will see it. A lot of pretty and sexy older sisters will see it too. I'm too shy."

    As he spoke, he shook his head fervently.

    At first, Lin Yiqian was feeling down. However, when she heard Xiaoyu saying the word 'wife' in such a serious manner, she could not help but laugh.

    He was actually referring to himself as someone's husband.

    Lin Yiqian was thinking that he should perhaps get Bai Se to land Xiaoyu a role in a movie. Perhaps, Xiaoyu might end up getting an award for being the best child actor.

    "Mommy isn't wearing it anymore. Won't Xiaoyu do the same for Mommy?" Lin Yiqian tried to convince him.

    Right then, Xiaoyu finally noticed that Lin Yiqian was no longer wearing the jersey. "Mommy, why did you take off the cool jersey? Didn't we agree on wearing the same jersey as Daddy?"

    Besides, Xiaoyu really did like the jersey.

    The little fellow's sentence had struck a chord in Lin Yiqian's heart as she could feel the pain from within.
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