388 Mommy Will Give You A Unique Se

    Lin Yiqian kept her lips pursed for a while as she composed herself. "Because it doesn't suit me," she said calmly.

    However, Xiaoyu did not seem to agree. "But I like it a lot. It looks perfect on me."

    As he spoke, he poked at his jersey before tugging at his pants. "Look, I don't look fat. And it doesn't make my little birdie uncomfortable."

    In the past, Lin Yiqian would refuse to let Xiaoyu wear pants that were too small in size for him.

    If he happened to like the pants, he would ask why he could not wear them. Lin Yiqian would tell him that the pants were too small for him, but he still would not understand. In the end, Lin Yiqian resorted to telling him that his little birdie would be broken if the pants were too tight.

    Then, Xiaoyu would actively choose not to wear pants that were even the slightest bit tight.

    If his little birdie was broken, he would not be able to compare how far he could urinate with older uncles.

    Seeing how innocent and obedient Xiaoyu was, Lin Yiqian felt that she was being far too cruel and selfish.

    Her eyes turned red as tears filled them.

    Seeing this, Xiaoyu began to feel afraid. "Mommy, why are you crying?"

    He stood up before placing a hand over her mouth. "Mommy, don't cry. I won't wear it anymore. Please don't cry."

    Xiaoyu had seen on television that people would stop crying if they placed a hand over their mouth.

    Therefore, he used all the strength he had in him to cover Lin Yiqian's mouth.

    Lin Yiqian felt even more pained by how maturely he was behaving.

    As she reached for his wrist and pulled his hand away, she placed another hand over his head and rubbed it gently. "Next time, Mommy will make a unique set of jerseys for the three of us, okay?"

    No matter what, Lin Yiqian could not allow Xiaoyu, Xi Xia, and Gu Nianshen to wear the same jersey.

    This was the sight she feared the most and was her biggest concern.

    "Okay." Xiaoyu nodded obediently before taking the jersey off on his own.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian took out the clothes she had prepared in case the little fellow spilled water over himself or accidentally wet his pants and needed a change of clothing.

    As they were going to watch the basketball match, Lin Xiaoyu's mood did not seem to be affected after getting his clothes changed.

    After getting out of the car, Xiaoyu skipped excitedly. "Daddy will definitely win."

    He was saying it as if the match had already been won.

    Lin Yiqian felt both consoled and upset.

    Could it be that they were somehow blood-related? Otherwise, why was she so adamant when it came to Gu Nianshen despite all the people around her?

    "Mommy, Daddy is going to win, isn't he?" Lin Xiaoyu suddenly turned his head around and looked at Lin Yiqian.

    He seemed very hopeful as his eyes glistened.

    "Do you believe in him that much?" Lin Yiqian asked with a chuckle.

    "I am sure of it. Let's go and cheer for him."

    The little fellow seemed to be fully confident about Gu Nianshen's ability. He ran back to Lin Yiqian and dragged her along.

    When they walked past the green dustbin, Lin Yiqian could not help but glance inside.

    As soon as the white material came into sight, she looked away.


    The entire basketball court was filled to the brim.

    Members of the audience who supported Fu Zhong wore black jerseys while those who supported Yi Gao wore white ones.

    The jerseys were all bought ad hoc outside the stadium.

    Due to the basketball match, a lot of money was indirectly made from the sales of merchandise related to the match.

    Many of the merchants selling clothes and glow sticks were smiling from cheek to cheek.

    Lin Yiqian and Lin Xiaoyu were both wearing caps that covered nearly half of their faces.

    Gu Nianshen had told her before that her seat was located in section C. Therefore, she and Xiaoyu entered the hall from the second entrance.
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