389 I Clearly Look Better

    After walking through the door, Lin Yiqian did not immediately look for her seat. Instead, she looked toward the basketball court from where she was. Everyone around was focused on the match and had not noticed her.

    There were ten players in total, each team separated clearly by their contrasting jerseys of black and white. One would be able to tell how heated the match was by the sound of their shoes rubbing against the ground.

    Just as she did before, Lin Yiqian was able to identify the man in the number 'one' jersey instantly.

    However, she very quickly discovered that his jersey seemed different from the rest.

    Upon closer inspection, she realized that he was wearing the team's old jersey.

    Why was he not wearing the new one?

    Could he have gotten it wet or left it behind?

    Whilst Lin Yiqian stared at Gu Nianshen in confusion, his four teammates kept him in the center of their formation. With perfect coordination, they passed the ball to him.

    Unknowingly, Lin Yiqian had become absorbed in watching them play.

    As Xiaoyu's legs were getting tired from standing, he pouted as he looked up at Lin Yiqian. "Mommy, don't we have seats?"

    'Why did we not buy tickets for seats?

    'My feet are getting tired.'

    Lin Yiqian immediately came to her senses as she nodded at Xiaoyu with a smile. "Yes, we do."

    With one hand, she pressed down on Xiaoyu's cap before doing the same for herself. She also pulled their face masks slightly higher up.

    Even if someone took pictures of them, they would not be able to capture Xiaoyu's face clearly.

    After walking forward with Xiaoyu for a while, she saw Xi Xia in her white jersey sitting in the front row of section C designated for VIPs. Lin Yiqian stopped in her tracks.

    She then noticed that there was an empty seat next to Xi Xia.

    Was the seat reserved for her?

    Lin Yiqian could not help but chuckle to herself.

    'Hehe.' He had actually planned for her to sit next to Xi Xia.

    As Lin Yiqian was standing in front of two girls and happened to be blocking their view of the match, the two girls began yelling at her. "Hey there, Sister. Don't stand in the way. If you want to move, move out of the way and don't block the view."

    Lin Yiqian hurriedly cleared her mind as she nodded and continued to walk forward with Xiaoyu.

    The two women began talking amongst themselves.

    "Hey, isn't that Senior Gu's wife?"

    "She does look like her. However, it can't possibly be her. Didn't they say that family members would wear the same jersey? She isn't even wearing it. Besides, she also has a child with her."

    Other members of the audience joined in on the conversation. As their gaze followed after her, they noticed a woman wearing the number 'one' jersey sitting on one of the VIP seats.

    "Who is that woman wearing the number 'one' jersey?"

    "It doesn't look like Mrs. Gu. She's far too thin. They don't have the same style based on the pictures I've seen of Mrs. Gu. However, she is wearing the number 'one' jersey."

    "That's true."

    Overhearing the murmurs around her, Lin Yiqian lowered her gaze and hastened her footsteps.

    It was a failed attempt at trying to avoid being the center of attention.

    The gossiping did not stop.

    Lin Yiqian began cursing in her heart. What was wrong with their eyes?

    'I clearly look better!' She thought to herself.

    "Little Yi, you're here."

    When Lin Yiqian got close enough to the seat that Xi Xia noticed her, the latter smiled as she greeted Lin Yiqian.

    Soon after, Xi Xia shifted her gaze to Lin Xiaoyu whose hand Lin Yiqian was holding. A shocked expression appeared on her face.

    She was only able to see Xiaoyu's eyes as the rest of his face was covered by the face mask.

    "This child is...?" Xi Xia asked after recovering from the shock.

    "My adopted son," Lin Yiqian answered without hesitating.

    Just as Lin Yiqian pulled Xiaoyu closer to her and was about to sit down, she noticed that there was only a single free seat.

    When Lin Yiqian looked at where Xi Xia was seated, she gritted her teeth as she tried to suppress the negative emotions in her heart.
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