390 Why Did You Throw Daddys Phone Away?

    Xi Xia stared at Xiaoyu's face for a long while before speaking. "He looks adorable."

    "I'm surprised by the huge turnout today. As there aren't enough seats, why don't we let him sit in between the two of us?"

    Xi Xia extended her hand toward Xiaoyu.

    Lin Yiqian immediately became wary as she held on tightly to Xiaoyu's hand and pulled him closer to her.

    Then, she looked over at Xi Xia and noticed the black phone in her hand. She could remember clearly that the sticker on the phone was given to Gu Nianshen by Xiaoyu. It was a sticker of a cartoon policeman.

    Lin Yiqian's facial expression changed all of a sudden.

    "Hey, are you Chief Lin?"

    An unfamiliar man's polite-sounding voice could be heard from behind Lin Yiqian.

    To Lin Yiqian, it sounded as if her savior had arrived just in time before her facade of pride and arrogance fell apart.

    Fang Heyang was the only person she knew who addressed her as Chief Lin.

    "Yes, that's me." Lin Yiqian nodded gently.

    "I've finally found you." The man exclaimed excitedly. "I am Heyang's friend. He's reserved one of the best seats in the hall for you. Let me take you there."

    As he spoke, he pointed a finger across from where they were.

    The best spots around were in Section C and Section A, which were directly across from each other.

    Lin Yiqian's gaze followed the direction in which the man pointed. However, she seemed to be hesitating.

    "It's not comfortable for you here anyway. There are two seats over on that side." The man chuckled.

    "Thank you." Lin Yiqian nodded as she retrieved her gaze.

    "You're welcome." The man nodded with a smile.

    Lin Yiqian did not excuse herself as she did not feel the need to address Xi Xia.

    She began walking away with the man when Xi Xia suddenly called out to her. "Little Yi, wait a moment."

    Lin Yiqian came to a halt as she turned her head around confusedly.

    Xi Xia pushed against the back of her seat to stand up. As her body was very weak, she had nearly stumbled.

    After getting closer to Lin Yiqian, she extended Gu Nianshen's phone to her. "This is Nianshen's phone. Since you're here, why don't you look after it? I'm not feeling too well and may not stay until the end of the match."

    Lin Yiqian chuckled as she looked down at the phone.

    She could only have something once Xi Xia no longer wanted it.

    It felt that it was ironic.

    However, Lin Yiqian did not refuse the offer. "Alright," she said as she accepted the phone.

    Then, she turned around and continued to follow after the man toward Section A.

    Once they had arrived, Lin Yiqian stopped walking. "Young man, I know where the seats are. I would like to go to the restroom for a while. I'll head over to the seats on my own later."

    "Sure," the young man replied chirpily.

    Lin Yiqian held Xiaoyu's hand as they walked directly to the restroom. As she stood in front of the basin, she relaxed her fingers and allowed the phone to drop into the basin.

    Ignoring the fact, Lin Yiqian turned on the tap and allowed the water to run over the phone.

    Xiaoyu was getting frantic as he observed what happened. "Mommy, why did you let Daddy's phone fall into the water? It's going to be spoilt."

    Tiptoed, Xiaoyu leaned against the basin and tried to reach into the basin.

    However, he was not tall enough and despite his efforts failed to reach the phone.

    Lin Yiqian rubbed Xiaoyu's head as she feigned a smile. "I accidentally dropped it. Why would Mommy throw Daddy's phone into the basin on purpose?"

    As she spoke, Lin Yiqian used her other hand to pick up the phone and casually tossed it into the dustbin next to her.

    "Why did you throw Daddy's phone away? Without his phone, I won't be able to watch shows anymore. Mommy is evil," Xiaoyu said frantically.
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