391 This Girl Has Great Taste

    Xiaoyu used his knuckle to punch Lin Yiqian's leg lightly several times to make her pick the phone up from the dustbin.

    Lin Yiqian scooped him up into her arms before looking at him seriously. "The phone fell into the water and must be thrown away. The battery might explode."

    Hearing this, the little fellow recoiled in fear. "Mommy, let's hurry up and leave. We have to get the police to take the phone away."

    'Otherwise, we'll both be blown up.' Xiaoyu thought.

    Lin Yiqian smiled slyly as she began walking outside.

    After getting out of the restroom, they continued to walk for a while before Xiaoyu suddenly stopped and looked at Lin Yiqian. "No. We should go to the firefighters instead..."

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

    Xiaoyu had really thought this through.

    He seemed truly afraid as his face had turned pale. "Mommy, hurry up and call the firefighters. Get them to take the phone that might explode away from here.

    "They know how to defuse bombs."

    Lin Yiqian was at a loss for words.

    She made a mental note never to let Xiaoyu watch anti-terrorist drama shows.


    Lin Yiqian brought Xiaoyu to the seats Fang Heyang had reserved for them.

    It was a VIP seat with the best view, which would certainly draw the attention of the people around her. Therefore, Lin Yiqian and Xiaoyu kept their masks and caps for the entire time.

    Just as she did before, she focused only on the man wearing the number 'one' jersey.

    Her heart would race each time he attempted to make a shot.

    On several occasions, she nearly could not stop herself from clapping and cheering. The feeling was all too familiar to Lin Yiqian.

    Just like how familiar Xi Xia was.

    "Oh my god, Gu Nianshen scored yet again."

    Right then, Lin Yiqian happened to be staring at Xi Xia who was seated right across from her. After she came back to her senses, Gu Nianshen had already managed to score another two-pointer.

    At first, Fu Zhong was in the lead by seven points. However, Gu Nianshen had managed to make several consecutive shots to bring the teams to a tie. Fans of Fu Zhong who sat behind Lin Yiqian all seemed to be in despair.

    "What's up with him? He's suddenly so good."

    "I don't know. But I heard that he used to be good anyway."

    "I heard that his childhood sweetheart would always accompany him when he played. It must be the power of love."

    "Is his childhood sweetheart here then?"

    "What are you talking about? He's already married. His childhood sweetheart now only lives in his past."

    "Haven't you noticed that lady in the number 'one' jersey sitting across from us?"

    Before then, they were all talking about Gu Nianshen. However, they had now shifted their attention to Xi Xia who was wearing the number 'one' jersey.

    Everybody knew that the family members of Yi Gao's players were wearing matching numbers of the respective jerseys to show support for the players.

    If they were the same numbered jersey, it meant the lady was either the player's girlfriend or wife.

    In all honesty, the people behind Lin Yiqian were not the only ones who felt curious about the woman wearing the number 'one' jersey, which belonged to the Black Horse team.

    "I noticed her a long time ago. However, she doesn't look like Gu Nianshen's wife."

    "She is definitely not. I've seen his wife. Although the media never spoke positively about her, there's no doubt that her looks and charm are way better than that girl over there. In fact, Gu Nianshen's wife is even prettier than most female celebrities."

    At first, Lin Yiqian was feeling depressed. However, she suddenly felt comforted by the compliments the young lady had spoken about her toward the end.

    This girl had great taste indeed.

    As it was in women's nature to gossip, the few young ladies behind Lin Yiqian were still going on about the same topic.

    "That's why people say that looks don't really matter when it comes to true love."

    "Tsk. I don't believe that men disregard looks completely. If he really loved her, why would he marry someone else?"
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