392 Gu Nianshen, You Big Jerk

    "I heard that he did it so he could inherit his family's wealth."

    "Doesn't that prove he values power and status over love? As I said, there is no such thing as true love. Since the beginning of time, kings have never cared much for love. The wealthy men these days are just like kings in the past. All they care about are money and power. Women are just the cherry on top to make them look good. Otherwise, why do all those rich people like to marry celebrities or models? That's because they can show them off."

    Did that mean Lin Yiqian made Gu Nianshen feel more proud than if he married Xi Xia?

    Lin Yiqian could not resist turning her head around to see who had delivered such an excellent speech.

    Feeling her hot gaze upon them, the group of women stopped talking almost simultaneously.

    They returned Lin Yiqian's gaze.

    A young girl around the age of nineteen stared at Lin Yiqian for a long while and was unable to recognize her.

    "Who is this?" She asked the person next to her with a frown.

    Lin Yiqian identified the lady as the person who had complimented her.

    "You all look very pretty," Lin Yiqian said with a smile.

    Although the ladies were taken by surprise with the compliment, the look of hostility had disappeared from their faces.

    Suddenly, a loud whistling sound could be heard.

    Something must have happened on the basketball court.

    Lin Yiqian turned her head around only to find that the players were high-fiving each other.

    It seemed the first half of the match had come to an end.

    While the players in white jerseys began walking in the opposite direction, the players in black were coming her way.

    Lin Yiqian could easily spot Gu Nianshen who was wearing the number 'one' white jersey.

    At a very fast pace, Gu Nianshen walked ahead of Li Nanmu and the rest.

    It was clear that he was heading to where Xi Xia sat.

    Meanwhile, the female juniors from Yi Gao were frantically passing bottles of water to Gu Nianshen and the other players. Li Nanmu and the others accepted them heartily while Gu Nianshen ignored the kind gesture.

    He stopped in front of Xi Xia whilst the latter stood up with a bottle of water in hand and passed it to Gu Nianshen.

    The audience around them were already curious about Xi Xia's identity. When everyone saw the scene that unfolded before them, they began to chatter.

    Paparazzi standing by immediately surrounded them and took pictures with their cameras.

    From Lin Yiqian's point of view, she could only see half of Xi Xia's body and her face. The other half was blocked by Gu Nianshen.

    More importantly, she could not see Gu Nianshen's facial expression at all.

    However, Lin Yiqian was used to it. Whenever there was a half-game break, or at the end of any match, Gu Nianshen would always walk toward Xi Xia and drink water in front of her.

    Back then, Lin Yiqian was always so very close to him.

    She stood so near that she could see the sweat on his face.

    In fact, she could even feel the strong energy that emanated from his body after sweating it out.

    Whenever he drank water, his gaze would shift downward and meet hers.

    Lin Yiqian would hurriedly shift her gaze away or pretend to have accidentally looked in his way. She did that by talking awkwardly to the person next to her so that she would appear less guilty.

    One time, the headmaster sat next to her. Lin Yiqian actually had grabbed the headmaster's hand and told her that the opponent's players were very handsome.

    Recalling these youthful memories, Lin Yiqian realized that it was even more difficult for her to be angry at Gu Nianshen. In fact, she liked him even more.

    'Gu Nianshen, you big jerk.' She thought.

    Unknowingly, tears had begun to fill Lin Yiqian's eyes and were falling down across her face and into her face mask.

    She hurriedly cleared her mind and took in deep breaths.

    All of a sudden, a bottle of water was dangled in front of her. The hand holding the bottle seemed fair and it brought a smile to Lin Yiqian's face.

    However, as soon as she saw the AJ shoes after glancing down, Lin Yiqian appeared disappointed.

    As the tears in her eyes were making her feel uncomfortable, Lin Yiqian lowered her head and used her hand to wipe them away.

    Fang Heyang kneeled before her and twisted the bottle open before holding it up to Lin Yiqian's face. "Don't you want to drink some water?"
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