393 She Felt Like A Cunning Mistress

    Fang Heyang knelt on the ground like a child with his head tilted as he looked up at Lin Yiqian's face.

    Fans of Fu Zhong's team were beginning to feel curious about Lin Yiqian's identity.

    "Heyang, is this your relative?" Someone asked directly.

    Fang Heyang's facial expression turned gloomy. "What does it have to do with you?"

    His gaze did not linger on the person as he continued to look at Lin Yiqian.

    "Thank you," Lin Yiqian said after composing herself as she accepted the bottle of water from Fang Heyang.

    However, she did not drink from it. Instead, she lifted her head and looked across to the man wearing the number 'one' jersey, whose gaze coincidentally met hers.

    Perhaps it was because she was wearing a cap and a face mask, she no longer felt guilty as she stared right back at him.

    "Mommy, Daddy is coming over."

    Lin Yiqian had not realized that the man was walking toward them.

    He seemed to be in a bad mood.

    As Lin Yiqian continued to stare at him, she began to feel excited as a feeling of hope stirred in her heart.

    Meanwhile, eager to meet Gu Nianshen, Lin Xiaoyu immediately got up to greet him as soon as he noticed Gu Nianshen walking over.

    As he stood next to Gu Nianshen, he reached for his hand. "Daddy, you looked so cool when you played in the match earlier."

    The little fellow lifted his face as he looked admiringly at Gu Nianshen.

    However, Gu Nianshen barely glanced at Xiaoyu and did not even respond to him. Instead, he grabbed Xiaoyu's tiny hand and continued to walk toward Lin Yiqian.

    As he was the center of attention in the entire hall, people who saw him walking over to Fu Zhong's side of the court immediately became curious as to what he wanted to do.

    Ignoring the fact that all eyes were on him, Gu Nianshen walked up to Lin Yiqian.

    Bending over slightly, he grabbed Lin Yiqian's hand that was holding the bottle of water. As he pulled her up to a standing position, the bottle slipped out of her hand and fell onto the ground, causing the content to spill all over the ground.

    More than half of the members of the audience around them stood up and became invested in what was unfolding.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian turned around to look at the spilled water on the floor.

    Fang Heyang was kneeling down and wiping the spilled water with a piece of tissue.

    A few ladies rushed over to help him.

    Gu Nianshen suddenly wrapped his arm around Lin Yiqian's neck and forcefully turned her head around before shoving it against his chest.

    His grip continued to tighten, almost as if he was punishing her.

    As the sweat on his body had yet to dry, Lin Yiqian could feel the musky scent filling her nostrils. She was overjoyed that this day had finally come.

    Lin Yiqian was tearing up.

    Slowly, she lifted her hands and hugged Gu Nianshen around the waist.

    After pressing her face against his chest for a while and finding it hard to breathe, she shifted her face slightly to catch a glimpse of Xi Xia. Noticing that a lot of cameras were pointed at them, Lin Yiqian tightened her grip around Gu Nianshen and rubbed her face gently against his chest.

    Right then, she felt like a cunning mistress who was trying to provoke her lover's rightful half using dishonorable methods.

    At first, Gu Nianshen was very upset. However, due to the way Lin Yiqian had cozied up to him by pressing her face against his chest, all the anger in him vanished.

    He even forgot why he was upset in the first place.

    As Gu Nianshen released his other hand that was holding Lin Xiaoyu's hand, he raised it above Lin Yiqian's head and gently rubbed her head affectionately.

    By now, everyone could ascertain that this woman wearing a cap and a face mask was Mrs. Gu.

    This was the first time the pair had appeared together in public after news broke out that they slept in separate rooms at home.

    It was a huge opportunity for the paparazzi who swarmed around Gu Nianshen and Lin Yiqian.
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