397 Look After Your Mother And Make Sure She Stays Pu

    Lin Yiqian was looking at Gu Nianshen with her puppy eyes.

    Of course, Gu Nianshen knew that she was only pretending to be innocent. He would believe anyone else to be completely innocent in the world but not Lin Yiqian.

    Clearly, Lin Yiqian knew that she had done something wrong and was begging for Gu Nianshen to let her off the hook.

    'Hehe. You actually know you're wrong.' Gu Nianshen thought.

    Lin Yiqian's hand was still tugging at Gu Nianshen's jersey.

    As Gu Nianshen looked down at Lin Yiqian's long and slender fingers, and her nails seemingly glinting, he could not help but feel tempted.

    He wished everyone around them would just disappear so that they could get intimate.

    His Adam's apple moved up and down without him noticing.

    'Oh, crap.' Gu Nianshen felt his body warming up.

    He hurriedly lifted his head and looked away from Lin Yiqian's hand. "Nianshen, are you done?" Li Nanmu happened to be calling after him.

    The judge had begun whistling to remind everyone that the next half of the match was about to begin.

    Gu Nianshen was still worried that Lin Yiqian might wander off. "Sit here and don't move," He warned softly yet again.

    Still not completely convinced, Gu Nianshen turned to look at Xiaoyu. "Look after Mommy and don't let her go over there. Do you understand?"

    "Yes, sir!" Xiaoyu saluted Gu Nianshen. He was pleased to have been offered a task.

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

    To Gu Nianshen, this kid was his biological son. However, to Lin Yiqian, he was a little traitor.

    Did he not know who had brought him up?

    Gu Nianshen rubbed Xiaoyu's head and began walking away with a pleased smile on his face.

    After taking a few steps forward, he turned his head around to give Lin Yiqian a look of warning.

    Lin Xiaoyu thought that Gu Nianshen was looking at him and therefore he would salute Gu Nianshen each time he turned around.

    Once Gu Nianshen made it onto the basketball court, Lin Xiaoyu finally turned around and returned to Lin Yiqian. "Mommy, will Daddy lose to Big Brother Heyang? What if he loses?"

    The little fellow was like a worried mother who was genuinely worried about Gu Nianshen's performance.

    Lin Yiqian had nothing to say and decided to ignore him.

    She then pulled him closer before making him sit on her lap.

    By then, Xi Xia had also returned to her seat. "Little Yi, he can sit next to me over here." She smiled at Lin Yiqian.

    As she spoke, she scooted over so that there was sufficient space for Xiaoyu to sit in between her and Lin Yiqian.

    However, Lin Yiqian hugged Xiaoyu even tighter as she politely rejected Xi Xia's offer. "It's okay. I'll hold him."

    Xi Xia did not insist further as she sat in the way she did before.

    "This child must be good-looking, huh?" Xi Xia asked as she looked at Xiaoyu's eyes and smiled.

    "Big Sister, I am very handsome." Lin Xiaoyu proudly accepted her compliment.

    Lin Yiqian was speechless.

    Why could he not be more humble?

    The little distance between Xi Xia and Xiaoyu, coupled with their interaction, was making Lin Yiqian feel very insecure.

    Since Xiaoyu had replied to Xi Xia, Lin Yiqian did not bother to speak.

    Pretending to feel uncomfortable on one side of her leg, she shifted Xiaoyu onto her other leg so that he now had his back to Xi Xia.

    "Little Yi, don't you plan to have a child with Nianshen?" Xi Xia suddenly asked.

    "We'll let it happen naturally," Lin Yiqian said without any hesitation despite feeling unnoticeably surprised.

    Her calm demeanor indicated that she wanted to keep her distance.

    As Xi Xia could tell Lin Yiqian's discomfort by the tone of her voice, the smile on her face gradually faded.

    "Little Yi, I don't mean anything else. Please don't be hostile toward me," Xi Xia explained solemnly.
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