398 Still Deeply In Love With Him

    Lin Yiqian knew very well that she had exhibited hostility toward Xi Xia, even if only a little, all because of her own lack of confidence.

    That was why she was so wary of Xi Xia.

    Lin Yiqian kept her lips sealed together as she smiled. "Nothing has ever happened between us. I also have nothing against you, Miss Xi Xia," she said without looking at Xi Xia.

    Lin Yiqian only turned to face Xi Xia and offered a smile after she had finished speaking.

    "For the last few years..." Xi Xia began to speak. However, she paused after saying the first few words. "Nianshen has gone through a difficult time in order to become the successor. His grandfather was particularly strict with him. Furthermore, I feel very sorry that I couldn't help him in any way and have even made things worse for him." She sounded much sadder when she continued.

    Lin Yiqian did not know why Xi Xia was telling her all this. From what Xi Xia said, it sounded like Gu Nianshen had always wanted to become the successor of the Gu family's business and was preparing for the role long ago.

    Therefore, he would do anything to get it.

    This was unlike the Gu Nianshen she had imagined him to be. In Lin Yiqian's mind, Gu Nianshen was the kind of student who would only occasionally participate in school activities. He would never take on any administrative roles in the classroom. Apart from basketball, he also never took part in any major or minor sports events.

    Besides, Gu Nianshen also enjoyed reading books in the library and listening to music. He always wore a clean white T-shirt.

    On that basis, he was completely different from the other rich playboys who would change their girlfriends every couple of days.

    In Lin Yiqian's heart, Gu Nianshen was a man who had grown up with negative influences but never succumbed to them.

    She thought that his unusual pride and unique qualities were what made her like him.

    However, when she received the wedding contract and found out that Gu Nianshen was also a man of ambition, she was still deeply in love with him.

    Lin Yiqian had decided to marry him without hesitation so that she could get what she had always wanted and allowed him to fulfill his ambitions at the same time.

    "Now that Gu Nianshen and I are married, we share everything, be it good or bad. I will do my best to help him. On the other hand, you're not physically well. Please look after yourself," Lin Yiqian said as she looked at Xi Xia.

    'Now that he is my husband, there's nothing you need to worry about.' Lin Yiqian thought to herself.

    Then, Lin Yiqian smiled a little at Xi Xia before returning her gaze to the basketball court.

    She was afraid Xi Xia would continue talking about the details of what had happened over the past five years.

    Lin Yiqian wanted to know nothing about it. Nothing at all.


    Now that players of both teams had gathered on the basketball court, everyone waited for the match to begin whilst the judge spoke to players.

    "Mr. Gu, your new and old flames are both looking at you." Fang Heyang said as he walked up to Gu Nianshen.

    Meanwhile, a stern look remained on Gu Nianshen's face as he ignored what Fang Heyang had just said.

    'I will defeat this bastard and embarrass him in front of Lin Yiqian.' Gu Nianshen had only a single thought in his mind.

    He wanted to embarrass Fang Heyang so that he would never be able to mess with other women.

    The judge finally blew the whistle then.

    As the match began, players from both teams immediately buckled up in their best forms.

    Whilst Gu Nianshen was Black Horse's strongest player, Fang Heyang was Fu Zhong's. Whenever the two came head to head with each other, the remaining players on both teams would instinctively protect the two of them.

    As long as Gu Nianshen managed to get his hands on the ball, his success rate in making a shot was nearly a hundred percent.

    However, it was the same in Fang Heyang's case. Besides, the remaining four players on Fang Heyang's team also looked physically stronger than the other players on Black Horse's team.

    While Gu Nianshen and his team focused on skills, Fu Zhong's team focused on strength. After all, the latter's players all had a background in military training.

    The second half of the match was much more interesting than the first half. Regardless of which team scoring, the entire hall would be filled with cheers and applause.

    "Daddy, you can do it!

    "Daddy, you are awesome! Very awesome!"

    Ten minutes into the game, Xiaoyu was still standing in front of Lin Yiqian as he cheered for Gu Nianshen unceasingly.
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