399 Chapter 399 Beautiful Grandmother

    Xiaoyu was imitating the seductive cheerleaders by shaking his butt and waving his hands in the air.

    His plump butt seemed almost as attractive as the ladies.

    Regardless of how loud he screamed and how red his face became, his voice still resonated strongly as if he had an infinite amount of energy.

    'This silly child!' Lin Yiqian thought.

    This was the first and only thing she found more interesting than watching Gu Nianshen play in a basketball match.

    "Amazing! Amazing!" Lin Xiaoyu cheered as he sprang up from his seat, clapping at the sight of Black Horse making a successful shot.

    'Gu Nianshen, you'll let your son down if you don't win this match.' Lin Yiqian thought to herself.


    Lin Yiqian was fully immersed in watching the game when a tall figure suddenly walked past her.

    With her view cut off, she looked up at the person who stood before her. Lin Yiqian immediately sat upright.

    However, Song Changwen had not noticed her as she was focusing entirely on Xi Xia.

    "Aunty, you're here." Xi Xia called out weakly.

    Why did she suddenly sound so weak?

    Lin Yiqian jerked her head around when she noticed how Xi Xia sounded unusually weak. To her surprise, Xi Xia's face had turned pale as her hands were visibly trembling above her thighs.

    Song Changwen's gaze immediately softened when she heard Xi Xia's voice. "It's so noisy here. How can your body handle this?"

    "I'm fine." Xi Xia shook her head gently.

    Clearly, she was trying to act strong.

    "Fine? You're shaking." Song Changwen frowned.

    She then walked closer to Xi Xia and bent over to help her out of her seat.

    "Beautiful Grandmother," Lin Xiaoyu suddenly called out in a surprised tone.

    Song Changwen stopped moving as she turned around to look at Xiaoyu, who returned her gaze with a wink.

    "Why is this little fellow here?" Song Changwen smiled after recognizing Xiaoyu.

    "I'm here to watch Daddy play. Daddy is so handsome when he's playing." Xiaoyu pointed at Gu Nianshen who was running on the basketball court.

    Song Changwen immediately knew that he was pointing at Gu Nianshen as she turned to look.

    "Wow! Why don't I know that my grandson is this big already?" Song Changwen chuckled.

    She was about to pat Xiaoyu on the head when Xi Xia suddenly called out. "Aunty, I'm not feeling well."

    The warm smile on Song Changwen's face instantly disappeared as she turned around to look at Xi Xia nervously.

    The sight of Xi Xia's trembling body made Song Changwen's heartache. "What did I tell you? Let's go now."

    Song Changwen began helping Xi Xia out of her seat and walked away.

    Throughout the process, she had not noticed Lin Yiqian at all.

    As Lin Yiqian looked at Song Changwen and Xi Xia leaving, she could see Song Changwen's affectionate gaze upon Xi Xia as she spoke to her.

    Meanwhile, Xi Xia leaned her head against Song Changwen's shoulder like a little girl.

    Lin Yiqian felt an instant longing for that kind of bond.

    She wondered when she would be able to behave like that with Gu Nianshen's mother. Perhaps they would, one day, share stories about Gu Nianshen with each other.

    "Goodbye, Grandmother," Lin Xiaoyu suddenly called out after Song Changwen and Xi Xia had walked far away.

    He had spoken as if Song Changwen was really his grandmother.

    Surprised, Lin Yiqian hurriedly turned to look at Xiaoyu and saw him waving his little hands at Song Changwen.

    Indeed, his eyes were glistening, proving that his expression was genuine.

    "Goodbye," Song Changwen replied.

    At first, Lin Yiqian had thought Song Changwen did not hear him. Besides, based on her proud attitude, she probably would not have responded to Xiaoyu in front of so many people.

    However, Lin Yiqian was surprised that she had actually responded in a kind way.

    With a surprised expression, Lin Yiqian shifted her gaze to Song Changwen.

    Right then, Song Changwen looked away from Xiaoyu and was propping Xi Xia up to walk.
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