400 Call Me Daddy

    When Lin Yiqian looked at Xiaoyu, she could see a sweet smile on his face.

    He seemed to be in a blissful state.

    "Xiaoyu." Lin Yiqian pulled him into her arms.

    "Mommy, what's wrong?" Xiaoyu looked up at her curiously.

    "Nothing. I just want you to sit down and watch the game." Lin Yiqian chuckled as she shook her head.

    Whilst speaking, she picked Xiaoyu up and plopped him down on the seat next to her.

    Xiaoyu mumbled an 'oh' obediently before shifting his attention back to the basketball court.


    In the final minute of the game, the fans observing the game felt even more nervous than the players on the basketball court.

    Their eyeballs were almost popping out of their eye sockets.

    Whenever Xiaoyu saw that Gu Nianshen had acquired the ball, he would immediately stand up to cheer.

    As the difference in score between the two teams was down to a single digit, any slight mistake could result in defeat.


    When the ball fell into Fang Heyang's hands, Lin Xiaoyu nervously called out to Gu Nianshen. Right then, everyone present was feeling nervous because there was only a difference of three points between the two teams.

    If Fang Heyang successfully made a three-pointer shot, the match would end in a draw.

    As he began running toward the opposition's base, nine other players followed after him, with four of those defending him. In the last ten seconds, he stood beyond the three-pointer line to make a shot.

    The basketball began moving in perfect parabolic shape as it headed toward the basketball hoop.

    Some of the fans stood up nervously. Right then, there was complete silence in the hall as everyone focused on the ball.

    All of a sudden, a white figure appeared from behind Fang Heyang. After two consecutive hops, the figure leaped into the air and caught the ball.

    Then, he turned around on the spot and threw the ball in the opposite direction.

    As soon as he did so, the judge blew on his whistle.

    The match had come to an end. The final scores of both teams were 102 and 99 respectively, with Yi Gao having a three-point lead as the winning team.

    Coincidentally, Gu Nianshen had scored 66 points while Fang Heyang scored 63 points. It was quite a miraculous match.

    Fans wearing white jerseys stood up, cheering and shouting, as they seemed happier than fans of countries who won during world cups.

    They were all hugging each other in celebration.

    "Daddy, you are amazing."

    Lin Xiaoyu ran onto the court to look for Gu Nianshen immediately.

    As he was running very fast, Lin Yiqian was worried that he might fall over. Therefore, she quickly chased after him.

    Just as Xiaoyu arrived next to Gu Nianshen, Fang Heyang had also done the same.

    However, Fang Heyang did not seem at all annoyed or depressed.

    "Congratulations, Mr. Gu." He approached Gu Nianshen with a smile.

    "What joy is there in accomplishing something one had already expected?" Gu Nianshen snorted.

    Gu Nianshen did not even allow his gaze to linger after taking a glance at Fang Heyang.

    Such a big ego.

    Even Lin Yiqian was concerned that Fang Heyang might not take it well. After all, she had witnessed Fang Heyang's unpredictable mood swings.

    She hurriedly looked at Fang Heyang to see his reaction.

    After realizing that Fang Heyang was still smiling, she began to relax.

    Right then, Fang Heyang looked her way. "Chief Lin, I'll be leaving now."

    After bidding farewell, Fang Heyang walked past Gu Nianshen and Lin Yiqian.

    When he saw Lin Xiaoyu, he stopped.

    Bending over, he got closer to Xiaoyu and flicked his finger at Xiaoyu's cap. "I'm not happy that you didn't cheer for me today."

    "I cheered for Daddy this time. I'll cheer for you next time, okay?" Lin Xiaoyu said apologetically.

    He was hoping that this uncle might tell him stories about tanks.

    "In that case, call me 'daddy'." Fang Heyang pouted.
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