403 What Does Catwoman Really Look Like?

    Knowing what Li Nanmu intended to say, Gu Nianshen's facial expression immediately turned gloomy as he gave Li Nanmu a look of warning.

    Li Nanmu immediately burst into laughter.

    The rest of the group were trying hard to hold their laughter in as they also knew what the joke was.

    "That was why I thought the kid sounded so familiar. He's that child."

    Qin Feng walked over to Xiaoyu and kneeled before him as he pinched his cheeks.

    Xiaoyu seemed extremely adorable to him.

    Right then, Li Nanmu also moved closer to Xiaoyu. "Can you really meet Catwoman?" He asked excitedly.

    Lin Yiqian wiped her sweat away. However, she needed to stay alert. If Xiaoyu said anything that might give her away, she would immediately cover his mouth.

    Meanwhile, Lin Xiaoyu nodded at Li Nanmu. "Yes. I have Miss Catwoman's phone number, and even her Instagram and WeChat contact."

    He seemed naive and harmless.

    "Really?" Li Nanmu's eyes glistened.

    Unhappy about being doubted, Lin Xiaoyu pouted angrily. "Xiaoyu would never lie. Mommy said that children who lie are bad."

    Lin Yiqian rolled her eyes at Lin Xiaoyu.

    'Hehe, do you really remember what Mommy said?'

    If Xiaoyu did, why did he not remember what Mommy said about not bragging using her name?

    "Give me that information and I will buy you candies." Li Nanmu excitedly took his phone out and unlocked it.

    He handed it over to Xiaoyu so that he could get Catwoman's phone number.

    "Eating too much candy will cause my teeth to rot. Mommy said I shouldn't eat too much candy because of that."

    Could he focus on what was important?

    The important part was Catwoman's number and not the candy.

    Despite getting impatient, Li Nanmu tried his best to convince Xiaoyu. "What do you want? Just tell me and I will buy it for you. Please give me Miss Catwoman's phone number and WeChat contact, will you?"

    If he could add Catwoman on WeChat, he would perhaps wake up smiling in the middle of the night.

    "Nope." Lin Xiaoyu shook his head.

    "Why not?" Li Nanmu's facial expression turned gloomy.

    "Miss Catwoman said I can't give it to just anyone. Somebody might get jealous of her beauty," Lin Xiaoyu replied.

    His voice was getting softer and softer. After finishing his sentence, he took a peek at Lin Yiqian.

    Lin Yiqian was frowning and pretended to be upset so that he would stop speaking.

    She was beginning to feel wary of her son growing up and getting out of her control.

    Before returning to the country and being in contact with Gu Nianshen, as well as this group of men with their negative influences, the little jerk was very pure. His only source of entertainment was watching Peppa Pig, The Octonauts, or SpongeBob.

    In fact, he was the kind of child who would burst out laughing from watching these shows.

    However, Xiaoyu had now learned to surf the internet and chat with others on WeChat. He had even found out about what it meant to have a wife. If Lin Yiqian did not educate him more strictly back home, he might really spiral out of her control.

    When Lin Xiaoyu spoke of beauty, Li Nanmu and the others all thought he had seen Catwoman beneath her mask.

    "Have you seen Catwoman's actual face?" The few men surrounded Lin Xiaoyu.

    "I'm not telling you." Lin Xiaoyu lifted his chin proudly.

    What a tease!

    Li Nanmu pretended as if he would hit him. "Hey! You little bastard!"

    "How could you yell at a child like that?" Lin Yiqian said angrily.

    This jerk had actually yelled at her son.

    Li Nanmu put his hand down and gently poked Lin Xiaoyu's forehead. "So young yet already a trickster."

    Sensing that there was no hope in getting what he wanted from the child, Li Nanmu turned to face Gu Nianshen. "Nianshen, tell me the truth. Have you seen Catwoman's face? How does she look like?"
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