404 Why Didn’t We Wait For Daddy?

    As Li Nanmu asked his questions, he walked up to Gu Nianshen with a cheeky smile before circling his arm around Gu Nianshen's neck.

    Gu Nianshen immediately pushed Li Nanmu away out of annoyance. He then took a step away from Li Nanmu.

    "Ugly!" Gu Nianshen blurted.

    That meant he really had seen what Catwoman looked like.

    "Have you really seen her face before?" Li Nanmu's eyes lit up.

    Gu Nianshen kept quiet as he gave Li Nanmu a look.

    "Let's go." He turned to face Lin Yiqian.

    Then, he walked up to Xiaoyu and picked him up with one hand before walking away leisurely.

    "Mommy, hurry up." Afraid that Lin Yiqian might get left behind, Xiaoyu shouted out loudly to her.

    Lin Yiqian immediately jogged after them. After catching up with Gu Nianshen, she slowed down.

    Meanwhile, Li Nanmu and the others stood still as they watched Gu Nianshen and Lin Yiqian leaving. Gu Nianshen suddenly changed the way he held the little fellow in his arms.

    From behind, it seemed like a family's peaceful moment.

    Li Nanmu could not help but sigh. "I never expected Gu Nianshen to be this patient with children. Look at how he is holding the child in a proper manner."

    As he chuckled, he turned around to look at Qi Wuyue and Qin Feng briefly before returning his gaze to Gu Nianshen. "It really does look like they are a family of three from here."

    "Are you jealous?" Qi Wuyue raised his brows as he examined Li Nanmu's face.

    "What's there to be jealous of? I don't want a wife or children. Look at how much freedom I have now." Li Nanmu shook his head.

    He then shifted his gaze away from Gu Nianshen. "Let's take a shower. We stink. After this, we'll go out for drinks to celebrate!"

    Li Nanmu extended his arms around Qi Wuyue and Qin Feng's necks before dragging them to the changing room.

    "Aren't we going to invite Gu Nianshen and the others?"

    "He has his family now. Why would he want to fool around with us? We should come up with a plan to get him to invite Catwoman to our celebration. We'll be able to have real fun then."


    As Gu Nianshen also had sweat all over his body, he brought Lin Yiqian and Lin Xiaoyu to the changing room. After leaving them at the entrance, he hopped into the shower.

    However, once he was done and had changed into clean clothes, the two disappeared from the bench by the entrance.

    Gu Nianshen could not make a call as he had lost his phone. Therefore, he had no choice but to carry his gym bag and look for them all over the place. In the end, he still could not find them.

    "Nianshen, what are you looking for?"

    Qi Wuyue had changed into a clean black checkered shirt and happened to be walking out of the changing room. With his half-dried hair, he looked at Gu Nianshen curiously.

    "Have you seen Lin Yiqian?" Gu Nianshen asked.

    "She's already left with the child. Didn't you know?" Qi Wuyue asked with a slightly confused tone.


    Gu Nianshen shoved his fist into the air.

    This idiot was going against him in every way possible. It was getting worse.


    "Mommy, why didn't we wait for Daddy?"

    Lin Xiaoyu felt very curious as to why Lin Yiqian started driving away without waiting for Gu Nianshen.

    "It's too crowded in the car," Lin Yiqian said forcefully.

    Even she felt embarrassed by her weak attempt at lying to a child.

    There was ample space for passengers.

    "Nobody is sitting on the passenger seat." Lin Xiaoyu pointed at the seat next to Lin Yiqian before pointing at the empty seat next to himself. "Daddy can fit in here too."
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