405 Poor Daddy

    There was so much space. Xiaoyu did not understand why Lin Yiqian claimed otherwise.

    "The tire is running out of air. If he gets in, the car won't be able to move," Lin Yiqian finally said.

    After all, she could not say she did not want to. Otherwise, the little fellow wouldn't stop begging her to bring Gu Nianshen along.

    "Oh." Xiaoyu had fallen for the excuse.

    As Xiaoyu was in a child's safety seat and had seatbelts all around him, the only parts of his body he could move were his limbs.

    Flinging his fleshy limbs in the air, Xiaoyu began to speak innocently. "In that case, let's get the car fixed and pick Daddy up after we're done."

    Lin Yiqian was speechless.

    Did Gu Nianshen rescue the galaxy in his past life? Why did he have such a protective son?

    Other children would usually only talk about their mothers. Xiaoyu was different in that he spoke only of his father.

    Lin Yiqian was definitely jealous of that.

    "No, we won't. He has a car and can drive himself home."

    Lin Xiaoyu pouted. "Poor Daddy has been left behind by Mommy. We promised to wait for Daddy there."

    They ended up leaving without him.

    They were untrustworthy folks.

    'Poor, my ass.' Lin Yiqian thought to herself.

    Ignoring Lin Xiaoyu, she began driving away. After having spent most of the time cheering during the basketball match, Xiaoyu was exhausted.

    After Lin Yiqian ignored him, he very soon fell asleep.

    Once they got home and after having eaten and taken a bath, Xiaoyu obediently climbed into bed and dozed off.

    Lin Yiqian did not even need to tell him bedtime stories.

    Knock. Knock.

    One of her international partners had requested an audio meeting. As Lin Yiqian sat in front of her computer, she spoke softly into the microphone.

    The sudden knocking sound on the door took Lin Yiqian by surprise. She hurriedly apologized to her counterpart before turning her microphone off and decreasing the volume to the minimum.

    As the door had been locked from the inside, she needed to get up to unlock it.

    With a bunch of people waiting for her to continue with the meeting, Lin Yiqian directly opened the door without considering who it might be.

    "Little Yi, it's time to go back to the room to sleep." Aunt Zhou smiled at her.

    Aunt Zhou was certainly very responsible. She would give Lin Yiqian reminders every single night at the exact time.

    Lin Yiqian looked at Aunt Zhou momentarily without any expression. "I'll go in a bit," she replied finally.

    Aunt Zhou nodded. "Great. It's five minutes to ten. I'll come and remind you again when it's exactly ten."

    As she spoke, she even raised her wrist to Lin Yiqian's face to show her the time on her watch.

    "Got it."

    Lin Yiqian was impressed with Song Changwen's influence over the Gu family. Despite not living with them most of the year, she could still hold such power over the servants in the household.

    After getting Aunt Zhou to leave, Lin Yiqian returned to her computer and succinctly conveyed her points across before ending the meeting.

    Then, she turned the computer off. With her phone in one hand and a glass of milk in the other, she began walking quietly out of the room.

    Once she arrived at the door, she turned around to look at Xiaoyu who was sound asleep. His plump cheeks beckoned her to give them kisses.

    Unwillingly, Lin Yiqian turned off the lights and closed the door. She then turned around and looked at Gu Nianshen's room, which was diagonal across from hers.

    After a moment's hesitation, she began walking toward it.

    Without knocking on the door, she opened it.

    An hour ago, Aunt Zhou had told her that Gu Nianshen was not home yet when she went downstairs to pour herself a glass of water. Lin Yiqian wondered if he was home now.

    After opening the door, she pushed it wide open.

    There was not a glimpse of light in the room. It seemed that Gu Nianshen had not returned home yet.

    With a flick of the switch, the room lit up. Lin Yiqian closed the door and began walking further into the bedroom.

    Everything on the bed was organized neatly, allowing Lin Yiqian to ascertain that Gu Nianshen was not home yet.

    Lifting her head, she caught sight of the clock on the wall, which showed that it was precisely ten o'clock.
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