407 If It Rained, Would You Hold An Umbrella For Me?

    'A dictatorial rule!' Lin Yiqian thought.

    However, there was no way she could reason with Gu Nianshen in his drunken state.

    "Lin Yiqian, tell me," Gu Nianshen suddenly spoke.

    It felt like he wanted to ask her something.

    "Tell you what?" She met his gaze with her head lifted.

    As the lights in the room and on the balcony were not switched on, they could only see the silhouettes of each other's faces from the light on the streets and the reflected light on the surface of the ocean.

    Their eyes seemed as deep as the ocean and yet glistened like the stars in the night sky.

    Neither of them could tell what the other person was thinking.

    Gu Nianshen took a step closer to Lin Yiqian. "Why did you go over to Fu Zhong's side today? Why didn't you wear my jersey?"

    'Hehe...' Did he actually have the guts to ask her about the jersey?

    "Didn't someone else wear it for you already? It wouldn't have looked as good on me." Lin Yiqian chuckled.

    She could not hold back her jealousy anymore.

    "Who wore it?" Gu Nianshen frowned. It did not seem like he was lying as he tried very hard to recall.

    Had he really forgotten all about it?

    How drunk could he have gotten to forget about the woman whom he liked wearing a matching jersey with him?

    If Xi Xia found out, her illness would definitely worsen.

    After a while, Gu Nianshen was still unable to recall anything. "Didn't I tell you to wear the jersey when you came to watch the game? Not only did you not wear it, you even went over to the enemy's side. That bastard was in my face the whole time and he made fun of me over that. Do you ignore everything I say?"

    He sounded very angry, so much so that he even lifted one hand and pinched Lin Yiqian gently on her earlobe.

    Feeling unsatisfied, he lowered his head and directly bit Lin Yiqian's earlobe.

    Lin Yiqian could suddenly feel his warm breath near her ear as an electrifying jolt pierced through her entire body.

    It made her numb.

    Her legs went limp and nearly caused her to fall down.

    Right then, another ocean breeze blew against them, causing Gu Nianshen to sneeze. "Let's talk back in the room."

    She sounded unintentionally gentler.

    However, Gu Nianshen would not let her leave. "Let's finish talking before we go in."

    He let go of Lin Yiqian's waist before turning around and leaning against the glass door. Then, he held her hand and pulled her down to kneel onto the ground.

    With his head lifted and the back of his head leaning against the glass, he looked up at the seemingly boundless night sky.

    His eyes were filled with sadness.

    "There are a lot of stars tonight. Do you see them over there, Lin Yiqian?"

    Lin Yiqian looked up only to find complete darkness. There was not a single star in the sky.

    What did he mean by 'over there'? Was she not right next to him?

    It seemed that he was really drunk.

    "It looks like it will rain," Gu Nianshen mumbled after a moment of silence.

    "Yeah. It does. The weather forecast said that it would rain tomorrow."

    Otherwise, why did all the stars disappear?

    "Have you ever been soaked in rain?" Gu Nianshen suddenly turned to face Lin Yiqian.

    There was a glimmer in his eyes.

    They did not look as cold and distant as they normally did.

    Right then, his gaze was warm and inviting.

    Lin Yiqian felt as if her heart had stopped beating for a second.

    After looking into his eyes for a long while, Lin Yiqian smiled. "If it rained, would you hold an umbrella for me?"
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