408 I Like My Wife The Mos

    "Yeah." Gu Nianshen returned her smile.

    Lin Yiqian repeated his immediate response in her mind over and over again.

    Even if she knew he was drunk and that he would definitely forget about it the next day, she still felt it was very sweet of him.

    To Lin Yiqian, it felt like she had just been submerged in a jar of honey.

    She would pretend that she had gotten drunk with him and forget all about it the next day.

    As she thought of this, she carefully leaned against Gu Nianshen's arm.

    Her soft hair rubbed against his arm, causing his body to tense up momentarily. He then circled his arm around Lin Yiqian's waist to pull her closer.

    "Why didn't you wear my jersey? Do you hate me that much?" Gu Nianshen asked.

    "No." Lin Yiqian shook her head.

    How could she hate him?

    Lin Yiqian placed her left hand on Gu Nianshen's left chest to feel the warmth of his body and the beating of his heart.

    All of a sudden, Gu Nianshen reached for Lin Yiqian's trembling hand before pulling at it so that she now faced him directly.

    "Give me a kiss then," he said as he stared at her.

    Lin Yiqian was speechless.

    One should never make a drunken man upset.

    He acted in an even more childish manner than Lin Xiaoyu.

    Knowing how Gu Nianshen would forget everything that happened when he was drunk, Lin Yiqian felt the urge to record this moment with her phone so that she could show the footage to him tomorrow.

    Right then, Lin Yiqian decided to ignore what Gu Nianshen said.

    "Do you know what you did wrong?" She pretended to sound angry.

    "Yes, I know I was wrong. Whatever you say is right. I'll listen to anything you tell me." Gu Nianshen nodded.

    Was everything she said right? Would he listen to anything she said?

    "Tell me, who looks the best in the world?" Lin Yiqian asked slyly.

    "Lin Yiqian," Gu Nianshen answered without hesitation.

    "Who's the sweetest?" She asked.

    "Lin Yiqian."

    "Who do you like the most?" The sly smile on Lin Yiqian's face gradually faded away as she asked.

    "My wife."

    Gu Nianshen said as he wrapped his hands around Lin Yiqian's neck and pushed her onto the brick-layered floor.

    He then leaned over her body.

    'Who do you like the most?'

    'My wife.'

    Lin Yiqian smiled as she looked up into the sky.

    She wished she could record this moment to be used as proof in the future.


    As Lin Yiqian did not sleep very well the night before, she still felt drowsy when she woke up in the morning.

    She had actually overslept.

    When she opened her eyes, it was already nearly nine o'clock.

    Just as she was about to get out of bed, she noticed the man lying next to her.

    She was stunned momentarily.

    This was the first time she woke up to find him still in bed after all the times they had slept together.

    Usually, he would either have left early in the morning or would at least have freshened up and changed into clothes for work.

    With his eyes still shut, Gu Nianshen seemed to be in a deep sleep. As he was not wearing a shirt, his shoulders were clearly visible.

    Lin Yiqian gave up on the thought of getting out of bed as she relaxed and put down her hands.

    Lying down on one side, she allowed her gaze to linger upon the man's sleeping face.

    She was admiring his high nose-bridge, long eyelashes, and his loosely pursed lips...

    'What a handsome man!'

    The thought of taking a photo of him sleeping to be used as her screensaver suddenly occurred to her.

    As soon as the thought arose, she rolled over to reach for her phone and began taking picture after picture of the man's face.

    After taking a few pictures from the side, she thought of taking a picture from the front.

    Right then, she had moved around to get into a comfortable position such that the camera was pointed directly at Gu Nianshen's face from above.

    Just when she was about to take the picture, the man suddenly opened his eyes.

    "What are you doing?"
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