412 The Little Jerk Indeed Topped Up His Accoun

    "No. Mommy has to go to work." Lin Yiqian shook her head.

    She carried Xiaoyu in her arms as she began walking out of the room. Lin Yiqian intended to use her own bathroom instead.

    However, as soon as she saw the door to the room was left open, she wondered how Xiaoyu had managed to get in.

    "Who opened the door for you?" She asked Xiaoyu.

    "I managed to open it myself. Am I not amazing?"

    Lin Yiqian ignored his self-inflating comment as she began to ponder. She remembered locking the door last night. In fact, Gu Nianshen had to climb up the balcony to get in.

    How did Xiaoyu manage to open the door?

    Her frown intensified as she turned her head around confusedly.


    After taking a shower, getting dressed, and helping Xiaoyu with his change of clothes, she took him downstairs for breakfast. Gu Nianshen was not downstairs yet.

    Aunt Zhou proceeded to serve their breakfast. Although Lin Yiqian had the same food for breakfast, Xiaoyu's was different. In fact, he seemed to have something different every day.

    'The little jerk has indeed topped up his account!'

    That was why he had special treatment.

    "Why did Gu Nianshen carry all the ice cubes upstairs last night?" Aunt Zhou suddenly popped the question when she came out of the kitchen.

    "Did he come downstairs last night?" Lin Yiqian lifted her head in surprise.

    Why was she not aware of it?

    "Yeah. Housekeeper Wu saw him. He told me that Gu Nianshen took all the ice cubes out of the fridge." Aunt Zhou nodded.

    That explained why the door was not locked.

    "He must have drunk too much and needed iced water in the middle of the night from having a sore throat."

    Lin Yiqian was in such deep sleep that she had not realized that.

    "What's wrong with this child? There's plenty of iced water in the fridge. Why did he take all those ice cubes? He would get a stomachache from eating all that." Aunt Zhou chuckled.

    "Does my consumption of ice need to be recorded?" Gu Nianshen's angry voice was suddenly heard by the door.

    "I'll get your breakfast ready right away." Aunt Zhou hurriedly changed the topic.

    When Gu Nianshen began walking into the dining room, Lin Yiqian noticed that his face had turned red.

    Eating ice cubes was not exactly something to be embarrassed about. Was that necessary?

    Throughout the meal, Gu Nianshen did not say a word to Lin Yiqian. He even ignored Xiaoyu's attempt at having a conversation with him.

    After finishing up his meal hastily, Gu Nianshen got up and left.

    Lin Yiqian sensed that he was upset about something.

    However, it was all too sudden. Were things not fine a while ago?

    This man had an even more unpredictable temperament than most women.


    As expected, the basketball match from the day before had become a heated topic on the internet.

    The thing most talked about was Xi Xia and Xiaoyu who wore the number 'one' jerseys.

    Within a single day, Xi Xia's identity had become exposed on the internet. She was claimed to be Gu Nianshen's old flame.

    In fact, her pictures back in school were leaked.

    After all these years, Xi Xia did not seem to have changed. She still looked like an innocent girl-next-door. With her long black hair that reached her waist, everything about her spelled elegance.

    As she looked pleasant to the eyes, fans on the internet all spoke highly of her when her pictures and information about her were brought up.

    "She looks like one's first love."

    "Oh no. I think I feel something in my heart."

    "She looks like my ex."

    "An old flame. Ahhh. What a shame. They would have been a great couple with a happy ending."

    "If she could show up wearing this jersey, it means that she still holds an important place in Mr. Gu's heart."
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