413 Gu Nianshen’s Hired Marine Soldiers

    "From the beginning, Gu Nianshen and his current wife had gotten married to each other because of their own agendas. See how his wife did not even wear his jersey to support him and even went over to Fu Zhong's side. Clearly, they have no feelings for each other."

    The comments came in thousands and most of them agreed with one another.

    Lin Yiqian had never seen such serious comments on the internet about her. Discounting her identity as Catwoman, Lin Yiqian had lost count of the number of times she had appeared on the internet.

    Usually, she would merely glance over at the comments. However, this time, she actually spent over an hour reading through the compliments directed at Xi Xia.

    After she was done reading, Lin Yiqian felt a sense of disappointment with the public's response to the whole incident.

    A man who was already married was publicly wearing a matching couple's outfit with his ex but was not reprimanded by anyone.

    In fact, these people were even openly saying how they felt sorry for his ex. Many more even hoped that Lin Yiqian and Gu Nianshen would divorce so that Gu Nianshen could get back with Xi Xia.


    Lin Yiqian put her phone down as she interlaced her fingers, trying to calm herself down.

    How could they all be speaking positively about Xi Xia?

    Despite Lin Yiqian's good looks, people would still insult her on the internet.

    Could these people on the internet be Gu Nianshen's hired fans?

    Lin Yiqian was still in a state of disbelief at how people complimented Xi Xia on the internet. She decided to scroll through her phone yet again.

    Indeed, there were only positive comments about her.

    Was Xi Xia that perfect? Was there not a single flaw in her?

    The more she thought about it, the more Lin Yiqian suspected that these comments were from Gu Nianshen's hired fans. "Hehe, are fans all morally twisted these days? He's already married." Lin Yiqian typed in the comment section.

    'Nevermind.' If somebody found out that the ID belonged to her, things would only go south. After all, internet users were all very capable these days.

    Even celebrities who liked a post would instantly be screen-captured.

    Lin Yiqian decided that she would stop looking at the comments. After all, out of sight, out of mind.

    After deleting the text she typed, Lin Yiqian clicked out of the existing page before clicking into a post related to Xiaoyu.

    There were pictures of Gu Nianshen holding Xiaoyu's hand and also of him walking next to Lin Yiqian with Xiaoyu in between them as they walked off.

    Lin Yiqian felt a lot better after seeing the images. This was what normal news should have looked like.

    The title was written as 'Mr. Gu suspected to have an illegitimate child'.

    Somebody had even cropped Gu Nianshen and Xiaoyu's eyes and placed them next to each other for comparison. Lin Yiqian was shocked to see the image.

    Bai Se once told her that Xiaoyu looked very much like Gu Nianshen after meeting Gu Nianshen in person.

    Although she had never thought that way when she saw them together, the image of their eyes side by side proved that they were nearly identical.

    How long could Lin Yiqian keep Xiaoyu's identity a secret?

    Recalling Life's Galaxy show in the capital, Xiaoyu had interacted with Catwoman before choosing Gu Nianshen to get on stage with him. Later on, Gu Nianshen had even carried the child away.

    If the bored paparazzi really wanted to dig up information on her, Lin Yiqian had risked having her identity as Catwoman uncovered on top of getting Xiaoyu's identity exposed.

    She needed to find a topic to keep the spotlight off Xiaoyu.

    As she thought of this, she immediately gave Bai Se a call.

    Now that it was night-time in America, Lin Yiqian was worried Bai Se might be asleep and not pick up her call.

    If he did not, she would have to contact Sophie on her own.

    To her surprise, the call was immediately picked up. "At this hour, you must be calling because of the post about Xiaoyu."

    Lin Yiqian was shocked by Bai Se's tone of certainty.

    How could he be this well-informed about news overseas?

    This came as a surprise to Lin Yiqian despite the fact that Bai Se would always be among the first to find out about any negative media related to her, and also the first to resolve them.
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