414 Was He The Pure Youth She Once Knew?

    However, this time, Bai Se managed to keep updated with news about Lin Yiqian despite being thousands of miles across the ocean.

    Lin Yiqian felt increasingly suspicious about his mysteriousness.

    However, it was not the right time to think about all this. She needed to resolve the issue related to Xiaoyu as soon as possible. "Please make the news about Xiaoyu go away."

    "Sophie and the rest are already working on it. I'll find a topic to draw everyone's attention away so that you don't feel blue."

    "Why would I feel blue? I've seen worse. I'm only worried about Xiaoyu," Lin Yiqian replied half-heartedly.

    Bai Se chuckled lightly in response.

    Lin Yiqian did not like the feeling of being seen through. "I'm hanging up. Get some sleep after you're done sorting this out."

    "Hold on. There's something I need to tell you."

    "What is it?"

    "Your husband asked somebody to get in touch with me about a deal. How should I respond?"

    "What deal?" Lin Yiqian asked curiously.

    Could she be asked to endorse some product?

    "He has asked you to be a special guest at their celebration dinner," Bai Se replied lazily.


    Was this fellow for real?

    Gu Nianshen must have been influenced by Li Nanmu and the others whilst he was drunk last night.

    Such an unruly jerk.

    Lin Yiqian remained silent for a while. "Should I negotiate with him or not? You have to make up your mind."

    "No," Lin Yiqian said decisively.

    She would never take part in such a lowly event.

    "Got it."


    After hanging up, Lin Yiqian waited for a while before browsing on the internet to find that the topic related to Xiaoyu had died down.

    'But... What the hell?'

    'Catwoman and Na Wa are more than close friends after being together for three years. Could they be coming out of the closet?'

    Lin Yiqian nearly spilled her glass of water when she saw the headlines.

    After putting the glass down on the table, she scrolled further down. There were a lot more posts related to Catwoman.

    'Bai Se, you bastard!'

    Lin Yiqian cursed in her heart as her facial expression turned gloomy.

    After wiping the water she had spilled across her phone, she was about to make a call to Bai Se when he suddenly called her instead.

    "Are you crazy? Na Wa is going to kill you," Lin Yiqian said as she placed the phone next to her ear.

    Na Wa was someone with a lot of friends with benefits.

    If she were rumored to be a lesbian, how would she find other men?

    "I've already discussed this with Na Wa. She said that she is willing to sacrifice her sexual orientation for the sake of her godson," Bai Se replied calmly.

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

    Na Wa was indeed her best friend.

    Lin Yiqian was so touched that she was nearly in tears.

    "Did you call just to tell me this?"

    "Of course not." Bai Se smiled. "After I rejected your husband, he asked someone to convey the message that he wouldn't mind exposing how you used a fake account to attack Song Feifei."

    He was using this to blackmail her yet again!

    "What an untrustworthy fellow!" Lin Yiqian said through gritted teeth.

    How long was he going to use this against her? She had clearly already paid a billion dollars to compensate him over the matter.

    "On top of that, he also said that it's not too hard to investigate and find out your true identity..."

    Was this the Gu Nianshen she knew? Was he still the pure young man she had slept with?
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